Monday, February 14, 2011

Mailbag- Photo of "Triangle UFO" Over Dallas, Texas, 2/10/2011

Image cropped and enhanced- SW

A friend in the DFW area sent me this photo and wrote: "Hey Sunny, my friend snapped this photo in Dallas on Feb 10th.. he said immediately after there were several gigantic military aircraft following behind.. he said the object appeared to be "trans-dimensional" in that it did not seem to obey "normal rules" of Euclidean space."

My friend goes on to ask, "What the hell are these folks up to.. is the military chasing these things around or are they generating them for some unknown purpose?"

Well my friend, you are not alone.  I'm asking the same questions and then some.  Are they top secret military aircraft, or these alien craft, or both?  And if they are military (Black Ops), then what are they up to and why fly in the daytime over heavily populated areas? 

Your comments and concerns are welcomed. -SW


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