Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Strange Sounds, Alien Sighting In Granbury

I received this unedited report from a friend in Granbury, Texas.  He claims to have been plagued by a beeping sound of unknown origin and of having seen a gray alien running and leaping over houses in his neighborhood.

If you have had a close encounter with an entity of this type, please contact me.  Thank you.  -SW

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Event Date: Early morning hours of February 8, 2011
Location: Granbury, Texas

   Two very interesting and actually incredible things, I would like to report on.

Right this moment, as I am writing this email, there are a series of faint electronic sounds coming from the sky above me. I awoke at exactly midnight, to the sounds of an electronic beeping sound. They sounded far away and very short duration sequences. Pretty much like the beep sounds you would hear from wristwatches. I didn’t really take them seriously and went back to sleep. However, I kept having dreams with these same beeps in them. Until I awoke again around 2:15 and herd them while I was staring up at the ceiling. So, I walked into every room of the house, thinking I might find a watch or small personal alarm clock, in a drawer or closet somewhere, making this noise. But, I never got any closer to the source of the sound, and it was exactly the same volume level, in every room. Then, I went outside and waited about five minutes. Suddenly, I could hear the beeps again, and they were accompanied by a series of very high pitched squeals, that would alter in tone and pitch. First, there would be three short beeps and one longer beep, in about a ten second span. Then, exactly two seconds later. There appeared to be a response to the beeps, with the squeal or simply a steady electronic tone, varying in pitch and tone. The steady tone lasted about three seconds and would actually sound like it was verberating off of all the houses, in the neighborhood. With an average of sixty seconds pause, and the same sequence of beeps and tones, would repeat. This would happen five times, and then there would be a ten minute break, with absolutely no noise.

This has been happening steadily now, since midnight. I can still hear them even now. But, the strange thing is, that the sounds are only just barely lower in volume, inside the house. I ruled out the possibility of the sounds coming from any attic roof, vent turbines. I can also see a bright star like object on the WNW skyline, approximately 40 degrees above the horizon. This bright spot of light is pulsating several colors, and in the same sequence. Only a few of the stars are twinkling, due to the slight southerly breeze, and the colors are very dim, with the normal random sequence of colors.

When I point my electronic, sound amplifying dish, at this light. The sound definitely appears to be coming from that location. My K-2 meter (EMF) would also spike, every time the electronic sounds could be heard. I have not looked at the light with binoculars, as the cold air would cause the lenses to fog up. I have left them outside to adjust to the temperature, and will try to make a visual observation soon.

Call me crazy. But, I think this object is trying to communicate or locate something, or some one. Please let me know if any one else reports this same phenomena.

   Now, for the extremely Bizarre!
Back in June, I heard the sound of someone running down the back side of my roof, here in Granbury, This was around 4:00 p.m., and it was quite sunny and hot outside. I looked out the window, to witness an extremely strange looking creature, that was hopping and leaping through the air, as it vanished over the roof of another house. This creature had shiny skin and it was a pale blue, with purple and green splotches. The athletic abilities of this being were simply amazing. Running on all four, even though it was clearly a human like, bi-pedal life form. This “alien” would run on all four, with about ten feet between strides, and suddenly leap over 20 feet in the air, and clear about 30 feet in distance between leaps. Then, it leaped over the neighbor’s fence and bounced one time. The final leap was about 35 feet in the air, and it flew over their house, and disappeared on the other side. The amount of time, for this thing to run down my roof and finally disappear, was only about 10 seconds! I happen to be sitting in a chair, right next to the window, and that is how I was able to witness this event. The motion reminded me of the Astronauts on the moon. Almost as though this being, actually originated from a world, where the gravity was much stronger than here on Earth. This strange creature acted like it was lighter than a rabbit, and was clearly over four feet tall. Looked very much like a taller, slightly heavier build, grey alien.

   I never told any one about this, for fear of being committed. But, I saw one of these back in 2001. When I was driving through New Mexico, coming to Texas from Arizona. The time was around 3:00a.m., and I saw this creature approaching the highway from my left side. When it reached the side of the road, and my headlights illuminated it clearly. This exact same type of creature, as what I witnessed here in Granbury, leaped about 30 feet in the air, and cleared the entire four lanes of the highway. Then, it leaped twice more and disappeared very quickly. I honestly thought I was going crazy back then, until I saw it for a second time, last year.

   Here is where it gets even more strange. When we had the six inches of snow last Tuesday. I walked out the front door, and saw tracks in the snow, going through my yard and around to the back. These tracks matched exactly, what this creature would leave behind, if it had made a made third appearance. There were tracks from a neighbor’s cat, and these tracks followed right beside it. The cat was leaping through the deep snow, and the creature was running on all four. There was about ten feet between the placement of all four imprints, making three strides, and then about thirty feet distance, before the next set of imprints, by four appendages “feet, hands, hooves, whatever”. The front imprints were slightly smaller than the rear, and all of them never even made it to solid ground, like the cat imprints. Simply like some creature, that was lighter than air almost. Made the tracks. You could see where the cat leaped into the bushes, and finally exited back into the yard, a few feet down from the entrance point.

   Sunny, I can’t think of a single life form, native to this planet, that could possibly make impressions in the snow like that! I regret not taking pictures of the tracks. But, you would actually have to be up in a tree or someplace high, to get a clear shot of the whole sequence of tracks. But, when I was walking through the snow, and following these tracks. I couldn’t help believing, they were made by the same creature I have seen twice now. I also noticed my neighbor’s gates to their fence, had been pulled open, and their dogs were nowhere in sight. I have not seen their two dogs since, either. I think this thing let them out, and tried playing with them, before they possibly ran off. This thing was probably trying to play with the cat also, and it didn’t want anything to do with it.

   I don’t have a clue, as to where this creature came from, or what it is doing around here. But, I have a feeling there are many more of them out there, and many witnesses who have sighted them, as well.

Just checked outside, and the star-like object is not in the sky any more. The electronic sounds are not around either. This could have also been a HAARP experiment, leading up to their fake invasion hologram events. Not sure, but would like to know if any one else experienced this.

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