Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lights in triangle formation videoed over Garden Grove CA- 1/26/2011

Youtube Video Link

MUFON Case #   27608
Date/Time:    2011-01-26 23:20
City:    Garden Grove
State:    California
Shape:    Circle,Oval,Star-like,Other
Vallee Index:    MA1
Summary:    Three bright orbs in a triangle formation strobing and pulsating silent 17 Min.

I took my dog out to do her business out in the backyard around 11:20 P.M. as we walked out on to the porch, I noticed two very bright lights in the Southwestern sky. A few minutes later I saw they had not moved and now a third light was flickering, as if it were one of those new "energy safe" light bulb just turning on. They made no noise and sat still in their triangle like formation.
I immediately run in the house and grabbed my camcorder to document what was happening. I had a hard time keeping the lights in frame as they were also quite low, and view was often obstructed by trees. So I got my ladder and went on my roof to film. I sat in awe watching and filming the amber/orange colored orbs for next 17 minutes until they began to change shape, almost appearing like a helicopter before flying away one by one. I uploaded my video to youtube right away that same night.
Around 30 minutes after the last orb vanished into the night, two helicopters (I assume police) began to sweep the area in the direction they were headed as they disappeared. This sweep lasted almost an hour, then returned again the following night repeating the actions performed the night of the event.

Original Video Link

Note:  Original Video is 155MB.


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  1. I have two friends (one a co-worker and one is a good buddy of mine) who have both seen the triangle formation. In fact my co-worker said she saw the lights (Pacific Beach area in San Diego,Ca.) and stared as they did not move for a long time, she was pretty shaken up at what she saw. My friend Mike saw the lights at 3Am or so and stared for a long time and even took pictures with his cell phone (I have them if you would like to see them) His was the same triangle formation. Not saying I know what they are or not, but it is quite interesting that if you do a Google search you can find all kinds of sightings form different places and yet they are all basically the very same descriptions.


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