Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lights & Triangle Seen Near Breckenridge, Texas - 2/7/2011

               Sky Chart courtesy of Starry Night Education.

Note:  This is my own personal sighting and report. -SW

Monday, February 7, 2011 at 7:15 p.m.:
I live outside the town of Breckenridge, Texas.  On the date/time above, the sky was clear, the stars were bright and the moon was just a low, thin cresent in the SW sky.  The temperature was about 36 degrees F, the wind was relatively calm.

My friends were exiting my house when one exclaimed, "What the ____ is that!"  His wife and I looked up to see the object in the sky, a light becoming extremely bright.  So bright that it outshone everything in the sky.

The object had been moving from East to West but now it was still.  Suddenly it reversed it's course without any maneuvers.  If it had been an automobile, it would have been as if someone threw it into reverse and started backing up. 

As the object followed it's original path in the direction from whence it came, it grew dimmer until it disappeared.  I did noticed that as the originally oval shaped object dimmed, a structure was briefly back-lit, the appearance of a triangle shape.

The entire sighting was less than 1 minute in duration. 
Object location: SSE, approx. 75 AGL, 175 degrees; elevation: unknown.
Object size: viewed as 3 times the size of Venus at it's closest to Earth.
Object color: Light was bright blue-white at it's brightest, like the light from an arc welder.

During the course of this event, my friend noticed another light flash.  He remarked, "What about that?  See that flash of light? What the hell is going on?"

At this point I stepped into the yard and sure enough, opposite from the previous sighting there was a bright flash of red/white light.

Several seconds passed and another flash was noted, this one further south.  Seconds later there was yet another flash, which occurred directly East of the previous (southern) flash.  It was then that I noticed a tiny red dot, dead center of the 3 flashes.  To me, it looked like an LED taillight at a great distance.  The distance between each flash of light was a bit over 15 degrees.  My friend commented that the flashes of light looked like signals.

There was one final flash of light and then no more. The light flashes did not resemble beacons, or anti-collision lights on an aircraft.

Though I have several cameras and video equipment, I realized there was no time to retrieve my equipment and set it up before the objects disappeared.

After the sightings were over, I checked to see where the International Space Station might be.  The ISS was at that time, passing over Australia. We were also able to rule out satellites, conventional aircraft, weather balloons, meteors, Venus and... swamp gas.

Total duration of this sighting, again less than 1 minute.
Location: SSE, 75 AGL, 210 degrees; 60 AGL, 205 degrees, 60 AGL, 195 degrees, elevation: unknown.

After ruling out conventional terrestrail aircraft, weather balloons and other man made, or natural objects, we are unable to "identify" any of the unusual objects/lights observed.  Therefore, I must render a classification of "Unknown/UFO". 

-S. Williams (LITS)


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