Wednesday, November 16, 2011

UFO Videoed Over North Wales


UFO sighting in North Wales (UK) near Snowdonia.

Video link


[Editor's Note: Many people are suggesting that the object in the video is nothing more than a star out of focus.

I decided to video Jupiter, which appears to be about the same size, or perhaps a bit smaller than the object in the video.  Below is a video capture of Jupiter, as I zoomed in with a Sony Handycam with 60X optical zoom.

Please note that Jupiter is in our solar system and thus, much closer to Earth than any star.  What you see in the video capture, is Jupiter zoomed in all the way and slightly out of focus. 

I'd be redundant posting a photo of a star, as it would be even smaller.  Even out of focus, it doesn't look anything like the object in the photo.

What do you think? -Sunny]



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