Saturday, November 19, 2011

1974 Close Encounter III In British Columbia, Canada


A couple in British Columbia saw a cigar-shaped UFO shining a light on a mountain face.  During this event their automobile died, then restarted as the object ascended away from them.

Here is that report, edited for clarity.  To see original report, please click on the case number.


MUFON Case # 33466
Date:    1974-08-15
Time:   03:40
Status:    Submitted
Region:    British Columbia
Country: Canada
Shape:    Oval
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: UFO descended , hovered, shone abeam of light on mountain face, 3 times . shut off light and ascended faster than a blink. My car then started up without turning key.

Driving early morning from Vancouver, BC to Calgary, Alberta, through Yoho National Park, my wife told me to pull off the road so the bright lights could pass us.  She saw it first when I pulled over.  However, my car died, no lights, no radio. We were motionless for about 5 min., as it hovered and shone a single light on the face of one mountain. Then to a second face, then a third.  Then it spread the beam of light over all three faces at once.  After focusing for awhile, it turned off the beam and ascended and gone in split second.

The sky was cloudless full moon.   The UFO had the shape of a cigar about the size of 2 football fields and hovered approx. 500 feet from the ground, one half mile(approx.) away from us, at a 60 degree angle on passenger side of me.

My wife at the time were scared stiff, for we had our infant daughter sleeping in the back seat.

As it descended it affected my auto by shutting it down.  I didn't even turn the car off.  When it ascended and out of sight, the car started up without me turning the key.

Once in Calgary, phoned the observatory to report.  They got both our statements and said if they hear anymore from that area, they would be in touch.  No calls.


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