Tuesday, November 29, 2011

UFO Reports From Around the U.S.; Lights, Sound, Discs, Spheres & Military UFOs?

Here are several recent UFO reports from around the United States.
These reports are unedited.

Orb Over Virginia Football Stadium

MUFON Case # 33679
Date:    2011-11-12
City:    Harrisonburg
State:    Virginia
Shape:    Sphere
Duration: 00:00:05
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: Brilliant reflective sphere, no surface or structural features, 10 -15 feet in actual diameter

My wife and I were at the new football staduim at James Madison University watching the game. It was the beginning of the third quarter, and there was no longer any sunlight in the staduim, but the setting sun was still shining above the horizon. My wife, looking up overhead, said "What's that" I observed a brilliant spherical object which appeared to be 1 cm to the naked eye traveled from south to north (right to left). When I noticed it, it was about 30 degrees right of reaching its closest point overhead. The object was totally silent, and left no visible trail such as smoke, debris or exhaust. There was no aura or any type of visible distortion of the light surrounding the object. From my 8 years experience as a Navy F-14 pilot with 1700 hours, I would estimate that the object was at an altitude of approximately 1000 feet above the ground, at an estimated speed of 600 - 700 knots, and would have an actual diameter of 10 to 15 feet. As the object was traveling away, it was observed to slightly vary its course from left to right and back, rather than follow a ballistic trajectory. This made it seem to me to be in to be in controlled flight. I was observing this very slight "sidewinder" motion as if looking from the rear of the object, rather than the underside, due to its relatively low altitude (i.e. If it were a jet I would have been looking up the tailpipe.) In about 5 seconds it passed out of sight beyond the top of the north side of the football stadium. I thought immediately that it was a controlled flying object which was neither civilian nor military. My wife was in awe and said "What WAS that?" I was quite elated, and said "That was a UFO!". I do not know if any of the other 25,000 people at the game saw this object, but I am quite sure that someone else must have seen it. If you draw a N -S line on a map or photo over JMU's football field, you will have the part of the trajectory which we observed. [Name withheld] (I actually signed up as MUFON Field Investigator in 1994.)

Military UFO Fleet?

MUFON Case # 33680
Date:    2011-11-17
Time:   21:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Jacksonville
State:    Florida
Shape:    Disc,Unknown
Distance: Unknown
Summary: 8 orange disks with flashing lights flew over or home with 5 white orbs and 2 millitary jets.

Outside at 9:00 pm I was outside thinking of putting Christmas lights up when I had the feeling to look up.Three disks in a triangle pattern flew over low to the ground,The had a orange glow to them.Shortly after 2 jets went by at the same height and looked military.Then 5 disks flew over and made a pattern.They were higher than the others.That's when 5 white orbs appeared and their was a disk with flashing lights on either side of the orbs evenly which could have made it one ship then 2 disks moved to the left each higher and evenly distanced and also went from glowing and when stopped flashing blue and white.My wife had joined me after yelling for her and seen the formation after they stopped.After about 3 minutes I ran for my camera and returned and they were gone.

Strange Flash of Lights and Sound

MUFON Case # 33692
Date:    2011-11-21
Time:   20:30 GMT
City:    New Port Richey
State:    Florida
Shape:    Flash,Sphere
Summary: Lighthouse Effect then flash Over Gulf   

While sitting in my yard stargazing looking SW towards the Gulf around 8:30pm. I was waiting and hoping for some meteor activity. I have noticed a lot (4 in a week) of shooting stars lately between sunset and 10pm.
It was a beautiful clear evening. I was looking at the same pulsing blue star that I have enjoyed for years when all of a sudden I saw a dim white glow about 15D SW of the blue star. I immediately switched my focus on that glow that gradually got brighter and brighter all while staying stationary. The glow got larger and brighter and then it flashed a brilliant white light that made me see spots as you would get from a camera flash at a short distance.
After the flash it dimmed and got smaller and then at amazing speed it either headed south or plunged down. My depth perception was affected by the flash, I had to rub my eyes to get full focus back.
I can only describe it as a lighthouse because of the way it faded in, flashed then faded out before it moved and disappeared. I have never seen a aircraft move as fast as this light did.
Being the skeptic that I am, I immediately tried to debunk what I just witnessed. I have ruled out every feasible possibility. My first thought was that it was a spotlight from a helicopter but the rate of speed ruled that out. Then I thought it could be a meteor, but since it did not move for 10-15 seconds and then move at such a fast rate of speed ruled that out as well. My other thoughts of what it was just seem to irrational to admit to.
It has been a week since the sighting and I have been watching the same area with nothing new to report. It was one of the few things that I can not explain.

MUFON Case # 33701
Date:    2011-11-29
Time:   04:00
City:    Southampton
State:    Pennsylvania
Shape:    Other
Duration: 00:00:10
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: flashing blue light in the sky preceded by what felt and sounded like electric shock

Was laying in bed early on the morning of november 28th,2011. Heard a sound that sounded like the power in my house going out but was louder and didnt affect my power at all. Felt a weird electricity in the air but it slowly went away. About 20-30 minutes later heard the same electronic wave of a noise, then saw a huge blue light explode in the sky out of my window. Happened 3 times then was not seen again.

Object Flies In Stair-step Manner Over Bellingham, WA

MUFON Case # 33702
Date:    2011-11-29
Time:   06:50
Status:    Submitted
City:    Bellingham
State:    Washington
Shape:    Disc,Unknown
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: Object moving rapidly in a horozontal/vertical direction covering large distances.

I was driving my daughter to work at 6:50 am on 11/29/11. My daughter (19 years old) and I (54 years old) were initially drawn to lights in the sky. The lights were strange because they were exceptionally bright and looked different than normal aircraft lights. It appeared to be a bright light with smaller lights below it, I thought I could see a very small tail, like an aircraft, but the entire shape looked more round, however I could not clearly make out the shape, only the lights were very clear. Of course, I initially thought it was an aircraft just playing tricks with my eyes, but it then started rapidly moving in a horizontal direction and stop, then rapidly in a vertical direction and then stop. I don?t believe, nor have I ever believed in UFO?s, but I was completely baffled, (and a little freaked out) so I turned my vehicle in a way I could keep watching this object. It moved 6-8 times in these incredibly quick vertical/horizontal movements covering a distance that no aircraft could cover and then seem to stop in an instant. Both my daughter and I witnessed this. I eventually had to go by a very large building and when I came out from the building I could not find the object again. All I can say is that I can?t explain what I saw but it is something I won?t soon forget. Brian

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