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Lights In 'Diamond Formation' Over Round Rock, Texas- 11/10/2011


I received a detailed email report from a witness in Round Rock, Texas, who while walking his dog on the evening of November 10, 2011, saw 4 blue-white lights in a diamond formation.  He made note that the lights (object) maneuvered as if it was flying "reconnaissance".

The witness also stated during a phone conversation, that it would have taken a dime at arm's length to cover the object.  His dog did not seem to notice the object, as it was more interested in going for a walk.

The witness, a former Lockheed employee also stated that what struck him most, was that there was no sound from this object and no beacon, or navigation lights.  He also said that he reported this sighting to local authorities.

This report is edited to personal information about this witness.


Location: Round Rock, Texas
Date: November 10, 2011
Time: Between 8:00 and 8:30 p.m.


Please know that I have never really been a believer in UFOs.  I'm 52 years old and have never really seen anything I would call "out of the ordinary" in the skies.  I am a real outdoor person too and at night look to the skies often simply because I like looking at the stars.

I live in Round Rock city limits which is just north of Austin but I live northwest of town [Specific location removed by SW/LITS].  Today is November 10, 2011 and it is about 9:50 pm now.  It is a clear and chilly night. 

I was walking my labrador tonight as I do every evening; time was about 8pm to 8:30 or so.  I stepped out on my driveway and looked to the west and saw at a distance what initially appeared to be aircraft lights moving toward me as if coming in on a flight pattern toward Bergstrom Intl. airport in Austin.  However, as it got closer, the lights did not resemble an aircraft and there was no sound and there were no blinking lights.

As the object came directly over my head but was still at what appeared to be aircraft altitude, it appeared to be 4 fluorescent round lights bluish-white in a tight diamond pattern.  At this point, I ran back to my front door to get my wife.  She came out and looked at it and she also thought it was odd; much larger than a satellite may appear to be even though at this point, it was still traveling in a straight line.  She went back in and I proceeded to walk my lab up the sidewalk on [Street named removed by SW/LITS] heading east of my house but keeping my eyes on the object.  The moon is almost full and in the eastern sky at about a 45 degree angle. 

Then the odd thing happened.  The object begin to move straight up in the sky and much quicker but it appeared to then bank straight back over doing a complete vertical "u-turn" and headed due west in the direction it came from.  Still I never heard any sound or saw any blinking lights resembling an aircraft.  As it went further west it grew more faint but then begin to move real fast in a diving angle toward the horizon.  I then saw it move back toward the south along the horizon and lost sight of it.  I proceeded to walk my lab on east and to our traffic circle on [Street named removed by SW/LITS]. 

The thing was so odd, I proceeded to call my younger sister who lives in Killeen and while assuring her that I was not losing my mind or anything, told her what I saw and as I turned away from the traffic circle and begin walking back toward the west, I saw the object in the northwest sky again and it basically followed the same pattern again except much further north of me slowly moving back toward the east.  Then as I talked to my sister on the phone, it made a similar move again banking and heading back toward the west.

As it approached the horizon, it went into a similar diving pattern and sped up.  When it went to the horizon, it was gone.  I have gone back outside several times now trying to see it but haven't.  I will go again tomorrow night around the same time to see if I can see it again.

I had also called 411 on my cell phone when I saw it to try and get in touch with Bergstrom Intl airport to see if they may have seen something on radar.  The operator told me they didn't give the number to the tower.  I got home and reported my sighting to Cedar Park police dept.  Since the object came out of the western sky, thought that maybe they would get more reports.  Cedar Park is about 8 miles west of Round Rock.  Our home is about 3 miles west of I-35 on 1431 going toward Cedar Park.

Again, I have never really seen anything in my life that seemed odd in the skies or that couldn't eventually be identified as a plane or helicopter.  This thing was different and maybe I'll never see it again.  Can you let me know if you had any other reports of this event tonight.  I pulled your email from your website and hope you get the message.  My cell phone is [Removed by SW/LITS]

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


Investigator's notes: I spoke at length with this witness and he seems honest, quite intelligent, articulate and not prone to embellishing. -SW



  1. I wanted to comment back to the guy from Round Rock, TX that post yesterdays comment on his light possible UFO sighting. I live in Anaheim, CA it is 11-11-2011 and at 1030pm Pacific. My sister was about to leave our house we were watching her kids and she was checking out the moon at one end of the sky and casually turned around and said what the heck is that? My mom and her and kids all studied this strange blue light in the sky and could not figure out what it is/was. My mom came in to get me and said come outside I have something to show you. She said what do you think that blue light is? I tried hard to make sense of it and couldn't. It is not making any sound its about as high as commercial aircraft or higher elevation. At first it was just that light then all of sudden 3 white lights where circling around it. I thought maybe someone with those spot lights is trying to figure out what it is too. Well then another white light appear next to the blue light and stayed there not moving either. I took pics with my cell and you see this blue light clear. I googled this and people all over the U.S are talking about it. Some say its a blue spiral light especially in Norway. Others say they see these strange lighs in sky changing colors. Very eerie and I will keep searching for answers. I don't think this meteor that would be too easy to figure and if I could see it with my eyes the meteor would land somewhere not sit there.

  2. Funny timing which coincides with I wonder if there is some bizarre micro/macro correspondence at the root of many sightings.

  3. The sky is changing color rapidly from green to purple to orange to blue in Round Rock. It is during a thunderstorm. I love watching storms, but in my 30years I have never seen anything like it. It really scared my 10 year old too. This happened at around 10:40pm on July 14th, 2012. Wow. I would love an explanation.

    1. My wife and I live in Round Rock, and we too saw this and it was truly spectacular. I've never seen anything like that and have tried to figure out what it was as at one point it lasted for nearly 45 seconds straight. The best internet explanation I've found is sprites and jets that occur above a cloud between the cloud and atmosphere. Again, spectacular. It was beautiful. We wondered if anyone else saw that.


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