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Recent Triangle UFO Sightings- Arizona, Iowa, Canada


I recently posted "
Some of the Earliest Recorded Sightings of Triangle-shaped UFOs".  Below are reports of triangle-shaped UFO sightings, which were recently submitted to MUFON.

Please note that these reports are unedited.

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MUFON Case # 33359
Date:    2011-11-14
Time:   20:40
City:    Peoria
State:    Arizona
Summary: three red pulsating orbs

I was watching the Vikings / packers Game, my wife went outside to smoke and called me out to show me something "You have to see this". Starting due West over the white tank mountains, 3 redish / orange pusalting orbs in unchanging triangular formation moved to the n-nw for about a minute and a half then moved closer together then one by one disappeared up and to back to the west.

Photo 1
Photo 2

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MUFON Case # 33381
Date:    2011-11-15
Time:   20:06
City:    Fairbank
State:    Iowa
Shape:    Triangle
Distance: 500 feet or less
Summary: UFO flies over car

I was driving home from a banquet that i had for school and i was just singing along to my music and noticed a really bright light about half a mile in front of me then it went away. So i slowed to a stop on the side of the road and watched a triangle shaped aircraft with very bright pulsating lights on the three ends of the aircraft fly near my car. The lights would stay on for about 2 seconds then go off and in the middle a very bright light would flash and go off almost immediately and this sequence continued. I turned off my radio and shut my car off to listen and watch. This aircraft was completely silent and seemed to blend in with the sky. The only way i noticed it was the star displacement in the sky and the bright lights emitted from the aircraft. The craft was flying VERY fast towards the direction of my car but slowed when it almost reached my car. It was maybe 20 feet above the treetops and it hovered for a few seconds about 200 feet to the northwest of my car above the tree line then resumed its flight. It made a slight alteration in course to go more towards the north but did not turn completely. I drove home and looked into the sky to see if it followed or i could still see it. I looked to the east and could see its middle light shining but from this point it was considerably smaller and looked like a helicopter search light. I was very flustered and confused so i came home and researched all the possible explanations before i came to the conclusion that it was a UFO. In the morning i looked around the area but there was no evidence that it had been there the night before.

Photo link

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MUFON Case # 33370
Date:    2011-10-17
Time:   19:12
City:    Edmonton
Region:    Alberta
Country: Canada
Shape:    Triangle
Distance: Unknown
Summary: V- or Triangle-Shaped UFO Slowly Moving Over West Edmonton

I was stopped behind a bus while heading east on Stony Plain Road, close to 149 St intersection in Edmonton. The bus was loading/unloading several passengers, so I had time to look around. Looked to my left out the driver's side window and saw an unusual formation of lights in the sky. The formation was flying very slowly towards me - I soon could see 5 distinct lights in a V-formation. The lights were very large, round-shaped, and warm white in color. The lights were large and contiguous with each other. No halo or bleeding of one light to the next - very distinct round shaped. The object was flying very low and not changing altitude. It was traveling south (so it was flying perpendicular to, and towards me). I turned off my iPod and opened my window and stuck my head out to determine if there was any sound (and hopefully to signal to other people to look up). I could hear no sound over that of traffic. As the object got closer - I estimate within 500 feet (< 150 m) total distance from me (horizontal and vertical) - I could observe that the lights were attached to a single silver-gray translucent craft with a body down the center. The craft itself may have been triangular rather than a V. The object was almost overhead when I noticed the bus was gone. No one had honked, so hopefully the drivers behind me were as transfixed by the object as I was.

I slowly started driving - looking for a place to pull-off so I could get out and take a better look. My husband called on the cell phone at that moment - I thought he had seen it too. I did not answer the phone (due to distracted driving) but the time of the missed call was 7:13:13, therefore I can be very precise about the time of sighting. By the time I pulled onto a side street to return his call, I could no longer see the object due to distance and trees obstructing my view. I watched the craft for 45-sec to 1-min. Sunset was at 6:33 pm on Oct. 17, 2011 in Edmonton. The skies were clear and calm. The iPod I had with me was 1st-generation Shuffle, and my cell-phone is dumb. Neither have cameras. I was therefore unable to take a picture/video.

If others saw this object I hope that they report their sighting. I also hope that someone got photos or video - there would have been plenty of time to do so if one had the technology with them. (In the report above I said the object appeared aspirin sized. Each light was aspirin sized, so the object was 3X aspirin sized in length down each side.) Note: I wrote this report the evening of the sighting. I submitted it to a local UFO group, but did not hear back from them. Although I have no evidence, I wanted to have this sighting documented.


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