Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mystery Lights Near Abilene, Texas

I have been receiving emails from witnesses, reporting more orange, yellow, or red lights in the skies around Abilene, Texas.  Here are a few of the more recent (unedited) emails.

December 16, 2010

My entire family noticed these lights Thursday December 16th near Nugent, 10 miles from Lake Fort Phantom north of Abilene Texas. We saw them come and go 4 times during a 2 hour period. We also noticed a strobing red light in our treeline that was pretty constant.  At times it would be incredibly bright and then at times it would be very faint. There is no open area where the red light was and we assumed it had something to do with the yellow lights in the sky. We have not seen the red or yellow lights since. We did not report it at the time because we did not capture the lights with a camera or camcorder. We are relieved to hear that we were not the only ones to see this and are very interested to know what was going on in the sky that night.

I am curious to know how often you have witnessed these lights and how long they seemed to stick around. We live out in the country and have seen some crazy things before but never like this and never for as long. I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

My husband first saw 7-10 lights, 3 were together and then seperated and then disappeared, they appeared and disappeared several times. He said that he stood there for about 30 seconds just watching the lights and they werent' moving or blinking, then they were gone. When I joined him outside we were staring at the red light in the trees and a bright amber light appeared in the sky. And then out of nowhere something that looked like 3 amber headlights appeared next to it. I turned around to go get our family and as soon as I turned around the three lights seperated and disappeared. As my husband called me I turned around and they were already gone. Just as fast as the appeared, they disappered. My brother in law called me last night and told me it was on the news but I was unable to find it. If you by chance know how I could find it I would love to see what they said. Maybe you know the link to find the broadcast?

This is the 3 time that we have seen an odd light in the sky. My husband, when he was a kid was once followed by a red light, he was able to get his mother and come back just in time to see it vanish in the trees.


December 17, 2010
I wish I could show what the lights did tonight, very very bizarre, I can't explain, I could draw a picture to show what they did. They've been showing up so frequently lately that I go outside waiting for them to show and they do. I sit out back on my porch and out of nowhere they start to show up. I really wish I could catch them on tape or camera but I can't I even bought a video camera just for this purpose and I still can't capture it. I just wish someone else out here would see them with me, all I have right now is a friend my parents. Im going to keep watching and reporting what I see but i've kinda lost interest in reporting because its only my report up there and never anyone elses lately. Kinda frustrating.


December 17, 2010
My Friend called me telling me she saw something really weird in the sky near Mullin, Tx, about 4 hrs ago. I'll be out there in 2 days, so I will keep an eye out after dark.


December 19, 2010
Tonight... over SE Abilene...my kids and I are at this moment seeing an object that appears to be changing shape and color to the south east of us, please let me  know if you are seeing this.
We are in south Abilene and the object is to our south-southeast. It is visible from higher in altitude, and seems to have changed course several times, please use your contacts in this area to confirm anything.
What we observed last night was far away from us and was higher in the sky. At first it appeared to be a star, but then it started to flicker blue/ silver / red. It was changing shape somewhat and was not stationary, although it stayed in the same area like a star. It moved slightly at an angle to the left and then curved to the right. There were no clouds in that part of the sky- as all the stars were visible. My kids(16 and 14) saw it in the sky first through the south window of our living room, then we all went out on the back patio and observed it for about 20 minutes. After observing for awhile, it seemed to become more stationary and farther away. It was not a star, nor did it seem to be a plane. I have also seen satellites and this was not one. We will be watching tonight's sky.

Note:  I received this email just moments after it was sent.  I rushed outside to see if I could view the lights from my home near Breckenridge but unfortunately, clouds obscured the sky S/SW/SE of my location. -SW

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Here are just a few of the links to News Stories involving these "Mystery Lights" in the Abilene to Stephenville area.

The first link is the most recent report, which was shown on KTAB News.

Big Country Residents Shoot Video of Possible UFO -Video included

UFO Hunter Frustrated after Spotting More Lights

Strange lights reported in skies east of Abilene

UFO Hunter Tracks Strange Lights over Abilene

Orange Lights Spotted in Abilene

Note:  If you have seen the lights that have been appearing in the skies around the Abilene area, please contact me.  If you have photos or video, please include them in your report.

I sometimes get 'real time' emails/calls about UFO sightings (reports sent in as the sighting is occurring).  I could use additional "eyes on the skies". 

If you would like to be a contact/ 'UFO spotter' for me, please let me know. 
Please, serious inquiries onlyI will require your name, location and phone number where you can be reached at any time.  Thanks!  SW (Sunny Williams, Lights in the Texas Sky)


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