Thursday, December 2, 2010

Huge Triangle Seen Over Marquette, MI Shoreline

Depiction of Triangle UFO.

MUFON Case #  26823
Date/Time:    2010-09-27 22:33
City:    Marquette
State:    Michigan
Shape:    Triangle
Location:    City
Terrain:    Lake
Visibility:    Clear
Vallee Index:    FB1
Summary:    Saw a huge triangle flying over the harbor shining spotlight down along shore while passing two powerplants.

My girlfriend and I were sitting on our couch in the living room of our home. We were looking out the bay window overlooking lower harbor on lake superior. We both noticed this very large and bright almost foglight looking craft going at a 45 degree angle towards the power plant. It was moving unbelievably fast towards the ground. We both thought it was going to crash.

Then as it got really close to the ground, it slowed down to almost nothing and leveled out. It seemed to slow down like it hit a pillow. It slowed to almost a stop and slowly cruised along the shore line. It was very very low to the ground. It had a huge bright spotlight on the front that was being shined all over the shoreline as it passed over. It looked like a flying wedge of cheese. It was a flat looking black, almost gunmetal. had a smooth look to it. I could see no seems or edges to it. It had a row of lights along the outsides of it running towards the back. It was moving so slowly and completely quiet.

If it was any thing normal, it would have fallen right out of the sky. My home from the shoreline where it flew over is about 3 blocks or so. We could see it very well and that it was extremely large. While moving with the shoreline, it passed behind the larger of the two smoke stacks on the powerplant at southbeach. It was lower than the taller stack, but above the shorter one. I have been told that the taller stack is approx. 3oo feet tall. That thing was about 280 feet up or so.

As soon as it passed the second smoke stack, it turned towards the ski hill or airport at ki sawyer airforce base. It was still moving very very slowly. The thing that got me about when it turned, was that it turned perfectly 90 degrees with out banking or slowing leaning or anything. IT went paralell to hampton street, which is only two over from mine. It was very low, it was flying up hill. Once it got to the peak of the hill side, it flashed off at ungodly speed towards the airport. It made no noise when it went from maybe a mile or two an hour to infinity in a blink of the eye.

I have saw what I feel is a flying triangle the size of a football field in length go right by. We were in such awe, that we couldn't look away in fear of missing something. Anyone else see this with us? would love to hear from someone!

(*Name withheld by LITS)

Power plant- Marquette, MI.  Photo courtesy Google Street View.

Note:  Reports are "as is", unless otherwise specified. -SW


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