Thursday, December 16, 2010

Row of orange lights seen again near Abilene, TX

More orange lights are seen and reported from a witness in Abilene, Texas.  Could these lights be flares, or something else and could the military be attempting to divert attention away from that 'something else'?

This case has not yet been investigated but it has been assigned.  Here is that unedited report:

MUFON Case #  27002
Date/Time:    2010-12-15 18:32
City:    Abilene
State:    Texas
Shape:    Other
Duration:    00:35:00
Vallee Index:    AN1
Summary:    Orange Lights, Watched Them For 45 Minutes

Ok first let me start by saying this is going to be my last report on these, because nobodys following up on it. The lights started appearing as single lights then after a while came on in a row of light up to 6 at a time, then at one time the light came on in a row one would come on then it appeared to jump or just another light came on and what made it odd as the lights were coming on in a row from left to right they started coming on from right to left, hard to explain but it came on like this direction----> O O O O O as a new light appeared the one behind it would go out, then they came on in this direction <---- O O O O O and there was no hesitation soon as it went from left to right it went right back from right to left. Very odd and very cool to watch, i've now seem them 5 times just in the month of December alone, before that it was 8 months before I saw these lights in the sky. This is final report until someone takes this serious know maybe come check it out for yourself or look up in the sky between abilene and brownwood, from 6pm - 7pm not saying they're on a schedule just seems to be the time they appear. Good Luck the skies

Note:  If you have seen these lights, or any other unexplained phenomena, please file a report.
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  1. Saw some weird orange lights tonight, I decided to go out there and look up in sky after reading about this on the news website here in Abilene and they were pretty bizarre.

  2. My Friend called me telling me she saw something really weird in the sky near Mullin, Tx, about 4 hrs ago. I'll be out there in 2 days, so I will keep an eye out after dark.

    @tommlaka do you have a link to the news website?


  4. Just witnessed several large (definitely larger than airplane lights) bright orange lights over Seattle tonight! There were nine or ten travelling from south to north, slightly upwards about twenty seconds apart for about two/three minutes. Then about ten minutes later another two floated by.. All were in a straight line equally spaced.. I have never seen anything like that and even a little spooked! Wonder if its something military or what?? Also, didn't hear any noise and its a fairly quiet, clear night. Any ideas?

    1. Just saw the same thing over Lisburn Northern Ireland 17 Jan 2017 8.05PM

    2. Thank you, Mark. I appreciate the info.

  5. Hey guys I live in imperial County California in the low deserts and I just seen something similar to your siting in your report, but mine where yellow and it was a roll of 20-30 of them. It started out with two stationary bright yellow lights then out of nowhere became 20-30 bright yellow lights each. It is a clear dark sky with no lights tonight no sounds of any aircraft nor their wing/tail lights or smoke in case they were flares.


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