Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dark Triangle-shaped UFO over Benbrook, Texas - 2009

This witness reports that on January 27, 2009 he watched a dark triangle-shaped UFO with 3 large white lights on one side, as it "floated silently" over him.  It then faded into the distance, as it moved slowly towards the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth.

Here is that unedited report to MUFON.

MUFON Case #  27159
Event Date/Time: 2009-01-27 00:00
City:    Benbrook
State:    Texas
Shape:    Triangle
Distance: One mile or less
Vallee Index: FB1
Summary: dark triangle shape with 3 bright unblinking white lights on one side

I was on Winscott, about to turn onto Lakeside, when I noticed what at first I thought were football stadium lights. By the time I turned onto Lakeside, I realized there was no stadium in that direction and the lights were too big anyway.

I pulled over and watched as a large, dark, triangular shaped object floated silently over me. It had 3 large white, unblinking lights on one side only (the lights that I had originally thought to be stadium lights)and was moving quite slowly, with no sound. It was coming from the direction of the lake moving toward the direction of the military Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth, roughly SE to NW. It eventually faded into the distance (by this time my line of sight was such that I could no longer see the lights, just the shadow of the vehicle.)

I just kept asking myself "am I really seeing this?" It was like nothing I've ever seen before or since.


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  1. A very interesting report that I had not seen before. Thanks.


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