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Last Texas UFO Sightings of 2010 - First Texas UFO Sighting of 2011

There were 28 Texas UFO sightings reported to MUFON in December, 2010.  It is unknown as to how many were reported to NUFORC, as they have not updated their site since November, 2010; however, I received reports that brings the total up to 34.  There may be other reports that have been submitted to other websites but I do not have a report on the numbers, as yet.

There were many compelling reports submitted (I have already posted them here on LITS) but here are the last two reports of 2010 and the first report of 2011, unedited.

Last two Texas UFO sightings of 2010:

MUFON Case # 27189
Date/Time: 2010-12-31 22:20
Location: Sherman, Texas
Shape:    Fireball, Oval
Distance: Unknown
Vallee Index: MA1
Summary: Object appeared to our north, moving somewhat fast,slowed alot, seemed to hover a min. ,still traveling south, hovered again and went east/south

We were sitting by a fire in our back yard, I saw something out of the corner of my eye in our northern sky. It was an orange/redish color fireball floating quickly, then slowed up quite a bit, then hovered a minuite,moved southward again somewhat slow, hovered again and then dissapeared to the east/southeast. We watched it until it had moved out of sight. When we first saw it you could tell it wasn't anything we had ever seen before. It wasn't like a falling star, as it changed speeds several times. My first thought was it was a ufo. It was a very exciting feeling to watch this object, however afterwards I looked on the internet and saw where there had been sightings of the same exact thing(there was video) in other parts of the country and world. It started to make me feel a little spooked and weary.

MUFON Case # 27193
Date/Time: 2010-12-31 22:35
Location: Trophy Club, Texas
Shape:    Fireball
Vallee Index: AN1
Summary: Orange fireball moved from west to east north of Trophy Club, Tx

While sitting at the dining room table we saw a bright fireball moving across the sky and we immediately went outside to see. The fireball moved from west to east much like an airplane, but definatly wasn't. The object appeared to be bright orange and on fire.

First Texas UFO Sighting of 2011:

MUFON Case # 27200
Date/Time: 2011-01-01 20:42
Location: Arlington
Shape:    Sphere
Duration: 00:02:15
Distance: Over one mile
Vallee Index: MA1
Summary: speedy orb flying at high speed, turned directions and flew in the opposite direction.

Me and my girlfriend were driving down I-30 headed eastbound. We were passing Cooper street in Arlington Texas, when I noticed an orb in the sky. The orb was very bright and a fair distance away from us. I kept looking for a blinking light to figure out if this was an airplane. I asked my girlfriend if she could tell if it was "blinking". At that exact moment my girlfriend let out a gasp and we both noticed that the object had changed complete directions, done a 180 degree turn and was now headed in the opposite direction. The orb sped up and was flying at an exceptionally fast rate of speed. I couldn't believe my eyes. Thank god my girlfriend was there to back up my story. We both experienced a low flying object, brightly lit, changing direction in mid flight pattern and flying at an extremely fast speed. By the way I should mention that the flight pattrn that the orb took was originally headed north and then took a turn and headed south and passed right over Cowboy's stadium in Arlington Texas. The orb vanished from our line of sight behind a building, when we drove around the building the orb was well gone.

*               *               *

Note:  If you have seen a "UFO", or other such phenomena, please report it to a reputable UFO reporting center (those listed on this site), or report your sightings to me here at LITS (Lights in the Texas Sky).

I do hope each and every one of you had a great 2010 and best wishes for a fantastic 2011! -SW


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