Thursday, January 27, 2011

1984 San Antonio sighting of a Red Disc

This witness reports to MUFON that as a child in San Antonio, Texas (1984), he saw a red disc UFO.
Report is "as is", with no corrections.

MUFON Case #  27535
Date:    1984-04-30
City:    San Antonio
State:    Texas
Shape:    Disc
Distance:    500 feet or less
Location:    Town
Terrain:    Fields
Visibility:    Clear
Vallee Index:    AN1
Summary:    red disk less than 300 ft. overhead

Since my experience occurred at such a young age I've always been skeptical of bizarre experiences such as these . I was six or seven years old and was playing out in our unfenced yard which was bordered by two other lots. The skies were clear and the weather was oppressively warm as is common in south Texas. Our backyard didn't consist of much but a junkedout rusted 50's era pick up and a ten yard pile of construction bricks piled about six feet high . Lots a junk for a little boy to get into. I didn't much care for the old pickup as it was a hotbed for all sorts of unsavory critters . I have to say I have a considerable phobia of insects which if on me will make me scream like a little girl , ha but I digress . I was playing solo that day as my playmates were elsewhere and my grandma who supervises me was inside relaxing . I was out playing in the dirt driveway when I got this sensation of someone spying on me . It's a lot like that feeling you get when you're about to get caught doing something you're not supposed to by your mother . So I glanced around and didn't notice anyone else playing in the two other lots. I casually looked up , skyward , and noticed a stationary object floating some 300 ft or less directly above me . I stared for a few seconds then panicked . There was no where for me to take cover , except for one place ..... I forgot my phobia for that brief instance and dove under the junkedout pickup , happy to share my space with all kinds of six legged nasties . I remember two things clearly: the object was round and it was red . I also hear other witnesses say they spin . This thing didn't move or spin it just stayed motionless like it was observing . After about 30 min I came out from under the truck and it appeared to be gone although I hear they can become invisible . I would give anything to go back and see that dumb look on my face . I told my mom and grandma everything but it wasn't well received . Some years later my grand mother told me of her experience which happened only blocks from mine . True story and I still get goose bumps .

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