Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DFW area resident reports seeing a strange light in the sky

I just received an emailed report from a North Central Texas resident, who witnessed a strange light moving through the sky.  Here is that report:

January 11, 2011,  04:45
NW of Dallas/Ft. Worth

I am writing to see if anyone else reports what I saw this morning.  I live Northwest of the DFW metroplex and woke up around about 4:45 am this morning and looked out my east window to a very bright light in the east sky. It appeared as a large star, but seem to be moving.  I watched it a while thinking it might be a plane as it appeared to be moving very slowly, but couldn't decide on what it was. 

I finally went  and got a spotting scope to see it more clearly and was surprised to see it looked like a ball with multiple white lights and a line that moved through it.  It could also change shape, with one side of it becoming flat. I thought that maybe what I was seeing was caused by looking through my window, so I went outside only to see it, but it appeared the exact same way.  It would get very bright then fade, possibly due to light clouds?

It finally went out of sight  about 25 minutes later and appearing to head eastward.  If anyone else saw this I would be happy to know about it.  Can't explain it and thought someone else might report it to you.  It was at such a distance I did not think my camera would do any good, so I did not get a picture.  There may be a good explanation for this, but I can't figure it out.

Feel free to post my description, but please withhold my name and email for privacy.

Note:  From this witness's description, is it possible he saw a flying disc/saucer, making vertical/horizontal maneuvers?

If you have seen this object, or what would be classified as a UFO (unidentified flying object), please contact me. -SW


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  1. I saw the same thing around 1030pm in the beaumont tx area. My mom called me and told me to look outside toward the west. It looked like a big star slowly moving. I called my best friend and told him to look. He does not believe in ufo's and he was freaked out. This was my first experiance with this too although I was a beliver already. Pretty awesome.


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