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New York, Ohio and Indiana- UFO Sightings January 1-5,2011

Washingtonville, NY- Huge ship passes overhead

MUFON Case # 27264
Date/Time: 2011-01-05 20:40
City:    Washingtonville
State:    New York
Shape:    Circle,Disc,Square/Rectagular,Triangle,Other
Distance: Unknown
Vallee Index: CE1
Summary: Vibrates over house, 150ft wide, slowly moving, passes over me then heads north, 5 min from Stewart Airport, not a plane

I was standing in my kitchen facing east, talking with girlfriend and another couple over visiting. I feel and hear the humming sound go over my head heading east, im boggled, visiting girl suggests fighter planes, then i dont buy it. Run to front window (still humming noise loudly) and catch grayscale ship coloring underneath, white lighting on edges in 3-4 spots, solid and blinking, no other colors. Though star trek enterprise with the main part only, but a couple hundred feet wide thats all. Huge though.

Large craft approx 150-250ft wide if i had to guess, floated over my house heading Northeast, low altitude, 1000ft maybe ? At the highest. Then raised a little higher, made a swooping sideways left turn, could tell it was round or square shape, and headed north over the ridge out of sight. The largest and most convincing sighting ive had. I've seen small ones around here and there but this was insane. Several other small odd lights in the sky, but they are there often..

Hoping someone else sees of hears this thing, it was like a humming slash boat horn, very low alt, never seen anything like it. No time to go find camera i was speechless after i looked out the window, yelled for them to follow and ran outside as it had just passed overhead and was crossing my street.


Cleveland, Ohio- Security officer Reports Triangle UFO

MUFON Case # 27270
Date/Time: 2011-01-04 01:45
City:    Cleveland
State:    Ohio
Shape:    Triangle
Duration: 12:45:13
Distance: 500 feet or less
Location: City
Terrain: Lake
Visibility: Overcast
Weather: Fog
Summary: lights over my building downtown cleveland it had a haze with lights and took off very fast

i work security in downtown cleveland and i went outside to do my rounds and i looked up at the building and above the building and there were lights spining and then they stoped.i got pics of it this thing was triangle with 6 lights on i called housekeeping down to see it and they ran back inside of the then it took off and at 6:45am it was up there for about 20min.that whole night felt weird and my radio was making weird noises.thats my story what do u thank?

Original Photos
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Milltown, Indiana- Patrol Officer reports UFO

MUFON Case # 27271
Date/Time: 2011-01-01 21:50
City:    Milltown
State:    Indiana
Shape:    Star-like
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: Bright non flashing soundless object

On 1-1-2011 at about 9:50pm I was sitting in my patrol car in Milltown,IN when i noticed a bright orange light that was not flashing traveling west to east . I exited my vehicle and observed the orange light travel overhead at about 1000 feet this light did not flash and traveled at a moderate speed with no sound it was a clear cold night i could see other planes overhead with their lights flashing i was 45 minutes west of louisville, KY and plane traffic is common in my area. I observed this object for about 2 minutes i lost sight of it as it went west.

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Note:  These reports are presented "as is", with no corrections.  -SW


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  1. I seen ufo on june 18 2010 in Cleveland Ohio it was shaped like a boomer rang he again in the Cleveland Metro Valley.. again in Aug' go to meldaghost on yt see the unexplained light that showed up a week later..


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