Monday, January 3, 2011

Witnesses report more mysterious lights in the sky

In response to posts on this blog about recent sightings, I received these emails from witnesses who have seen unidentified lights in the sky.  I present them here, unedited.  Names have been withheld. -SW

I too witnessed the 4 Fireballs moving from west to east (Highway 2909)over Canton, Texas on 1-1-2011 around 10pm. They were silent and pulsing. Never believed in UFO's, but this was unexplainable. How many reports have you received regarding this situation?


Me and my brother and friends seen 4 lights just like you describe. We thought it was something from the base because we live close to carswell airforce base in fort worth Texas. I knew it was not something from the base.


Hi there-
My husband and I live in Racine, WI and last night about (well at the start of today)  midnight, 1-2-11 we were about to go to bed and my husband always looks out the front door before going to bed as he did last night.  He noticed something out over the lake (lake Michigan) and he called me over.  At first I said well its a plane, but in that same moment I new it wasn't.  PLANES was not.  It was just shining there very brightly twinkling / blinking, VERY quickly colors of red and green-blue, yellow!  It looked like a BIG star sort of, except at about three times the size of Venus looking at it from where I live (cause I grew up being told Venus was the biggest, brightest star we can see in our sky)  this was twinkling like I have never seen a star twinkle but with a color pattern!  The most pronounced of the colors was reddish- but to blue-green and then yellow as well.  I was so interested in what we were seeing and wished so badly I had a telescope or something and that I knew who I could contact to know if others were seeing it or if there is anyone who watches our skies around here and could see what it could be but we had/have no idea who???  So this morning I looked up various things online and I came across your blog from today and it was crazy that you are so far away but I noticed to that you said there was more than one at first (did they all go in the same direction??)and that it was going SE which would mean out over the water? And here what we saw was out over the lake, at the distance it was from us the lake .   It was not very high up in the sky and it seemed to be stationary but we watched for almost an hour and a half and it that time it moved very little to the South and a little higher up.

I wrote this to as well:
Last night my husband looked out the front door window as he usually does before we go to bed and he sees something strange. He calls me over and at first glance I said its a plane..."no" he says and in that same moment I realized it was not moving it just twinkled/blinked VERY quickly, VERY brightly a reddish then blue-green then yellow. It was not very high in the sky,we were looking at it about the height of the midsection of the power line pole between there and the top of it. We live right on Lake Michigan and it was out over the lake. From our distance the red and yellow were more pronounced but then we could see the blue or green in there too. So we continued to watch and as we did for over an hour it barely moved. But ever so little it had creeped a bit to the south and a little higher by the time we went to bed. We have never seen anything like this and as I am trying to look stuff up I came across this site and a man and wife describe something like ours last night only at 8:45 pm and in Thornton, TX.  Link

I notice that your site specifically has a lot of "orange" light activity. The only thing my husband and I have every seen before and this was a couple years ago. We were driving home going south and in the sky to the left were three "orange" balls that moved straight up fast and then a sharp manuver back the direction it came and then they just DISAPPEARED. We just looked at each other like "WHOA"!!

What is going on out there??????

I really wished I had a telescope last night or that someone seen what we did last night??????



this... they look like this so that can't be what were seeing....why don't they just tell us if THEY know something

I look forward any reply you may have

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Note:  Reply was made.  I will report any further information.
UFO reports welcomed - Contact.


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