Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Video of Jerusalem UFO- 1/28/2011

Here is another clip that was taken by a tourist on a late night tour of Jerusalem, 1/28/2011 at approximately 01:00.
One woman in the crowd remarks while observing the UFO, "We've seen them in Mississippi like this... but never like that."
Then as the object shoots away, the crowd reacts with "whoo!"

Video Link

Link to original video on this site

I would say this confirms the Jerusalem sighting but... is it possible that this is an elaborate hoax?   If this is a genuine video recording of a real UFO, any guesses at to what the object is, ours or something else?
Your comments as to the validity of this video are appreciated. -SW


1 comment:

  1. Please observe that there is no flash of light here, like the one shown on the other videos.

    This may be a fake video trying to take advantage of the first two videos' success.

    Just my 10 cents.


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