Saturday, January 15, 2011

Objects seen in Dallas, Fort Worth and Graham, Texas

Witness Photo, Fort Worth, TX UFO

These recent Texas sightings were reported to MUFON.  They are posted "as is".

MUFON Case #  27401
Date/Time:  2011-01-13 02:04
City:    Fort Worth
State:    Texas
Shape:    Fireball,Sphere,Star-like
Vallee Index:  MA1
Summary:    Orange/red star-like glowing object changing shapes

It was late at night and I had just arrived to my home, the time was about 2:04 a.m. As I was parking my vehicle on the street by my house, I looked straight ahead out the front of my windshield to see what I thought was a shooting star but quickly noticed the "shooting star" never fell, instead it was traveling at an upward angle, it was pulsating three different colors, red, orange and white, it was never just one solid color almost like a flame would change colors, but it wasn't fire it looked like more of a glow. I noticed this object seemed to have a tail at the end of it, the whole thing began moving upward then back down several times and moved like a caterpillar or a jellyfish. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I quickly called my boyfriend and described the object and asked him to try to look for it where he was at, but he was unable to see what I was seeing from his location, as I continued to watch this object in the sky for about 10 minutes it started looking more like just a star, what looked to be stationary so I hung up my phone and began taking pictures. I snapped 15 photos on my Samsung Behold II, 5 mega pixel camera back to back, I left my finger pressed and did not release it, I had my elbows resting on the dashboard so that I wouldn't move the phone. In all the photos the object is clearly in another position in the sky and moving up and down as if it was jumping around. I would have taken more photos however my phone had a very low battery and it shut off. I stayed staring at the object for and additional 10 minutes after the photos where taken then decided to go inside to charge my phone, I hesitated to exit my vehicle because I was a little frightened however, I was excited that I was able to capture it on my camera phone. I went inside and charged my phone about five minutes, in attempts to get video of it, but when I came back outside it was no where to be found. After watching this object in the sky for about 20 minutes I can definetly say that it was an Unidentified Flying Object... I just want to know if anyone else in the Fort Worth area seen anything similar to what I just described in the early morning of the 13th of January. I zoomed in and cropped all the pictures that i had taken of the object and made this slide. The pictures were all taken within 2 min. of each other. The object is clearly changing shapes, but you decide.
Original Photo

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MUFON Case #  27396
Date/Time:  2011-01-11 19:50
City:    Dallas
State:    Texas
Shape:    Star-like
Distance:    Unknown
Location:    City
Visibility:    Clear
Vallee Index:  AN1
Summary:    Non-blinking, star-like object flying past

While walking my dogs, I was looking up at the clear night sky. There were plenty of airplanes flying by with their loud engines and blinking lights. Then I spotted one bright white light floating from the left side of the sky, then to the right. It was going the same speed as the airplanes, maybe to blend in. I don't think it made a sound. All the planes had passed and if you could hear them it was very faint. As close as this object was it should have been louder. I stopped and stared as it slowly floated along. Then it went from white to red and disappeared. Almost like someone turned the light off. It was not an airplane!

*               *               *

MUFON Case # 27392
Date/Time:  2011-01-13 01:00
City:    Graham
State:    Texas
Shape:    Sphere
Duration:    00:10:15
Distance:    500 feet or less
Vallee Index:    CE1
Summary:    3 different floating balls

I was in my bed reading a novel when three spheres were floating in the sky.I got a better view of the u.f.o. when it started streaking across the sky. I lost sight of the red blue and yellow balls. felt frightened and scared.


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