Monday, January 10, 2011

Mailbag: Lights in the skies

Reports received by me via email, concerning lights in the sky:

Light in the sky; Stanley, NC, 6:45 a.m. January 7, 2011

That's so weird..... When I went outside to warm up my car this morning and smoke a cig..... I saw this huge, bright whitish blue light in the sky and it would fade slightly to a dull reddish undertone. This took place at approximately 6:45 am, in Stanley, NC. January 7, 2011.

Now I cant say that I believe that it was a UFO, but the size of the object was pretty substantial. I've never seen anything like it.

The object didn't zigzag. It took me smoking my whole cig to realize that it was moving.... very very slowly. I know it wasn't a plane or helicopter, because it far to large and bright to be anything like that.

I went inside and kinda put it in back of my mind, getting ready for my day. I loaded the fam in the car, as the sun was coming up and the large object was still in the sky. All the other stars faded with the dawn.

Thats when it peaked my curiosity, to see if anyone had seen what I seen.

......But your in Texas and I'm in NC, this whole experience is very strange

(Name withheld by SW)

*               *               *

I saw the lights at 10:19pm in Alabama


There were 3 vessels. Here's how it went down:
  I live east of Birmingham, AL.  I had just gotten the kids in bed when I had this desire stir in my soul.  It nudged me to go outside and just sit in peace and watch the stars.  Rest (I am not the type of person that can sit still.  lol).  It was 10:05pm Central time when I grabbed my cell phone and a pair of binoculars and went outside.  I was standing in my driveway facing east, just gazing, binoculars on my neck.  I saw this giant fireball and i just watched it for a min cuz if it was meteorite it was gonna burn up faster than I could react.  Instead of burning up, it got bigger and bigger until I began to consider that I was gonna get wiped out by a giant meteor disintegrating on my house.  I was frightened and shocked.  I started digging through my brain, thinking of where I could scoop the kids to and go for safety.  Then I realized it was pointless cause we were all gonna be wiped away in moments. 

Then I remembered I had binoculars.  I had been so shocked, standing there unable to speak with my jaw dropped that I had forgotten I even had them.  I peered thru the binoculars and it just looked like a giant fireball.  I reached for my cell in my pocket to get video and it malfunctioned.  Would not go into camera mode.  Then when it did, it wasn't picking up what I was seeing. I heard a loud boom followed by rumbling and a high pitched pulsing noise.  Then it fell silent.  The fire was gone, and I saw the biggest object more visibly.  It hovered, slowly and silently.  I tried to rationalize what it could be.  I supposed at a glance from a window inside one could mistake it for a large...really large plane that looks like the space shuttle.  But outside, there was no sound.  Only vibration in the ground and a residual humming.  It was at a low altitude.  No plane has ever flown over my house so low.  It was headed from the East toward the West- from Atlanta toward Birmingham. I saw red blue and green lights that did not blink, but rather pulsated in strength from one side of object to the other.  It was almost iridescent.  On the bottom were gold colored lights that were constant.  So many I could not count. 

I checked the sky for airplanes, jets, bombers, anything.  I saw the biggest vessel now directly above my roof, and a smaller one with same light structure and hovering motion on starboard side of on the 1st, bigger vessel looking back.  There was another on the port side but trees blocked full vision of it, so I focused on the others.  They were hovering in triangle formation, and crept over the treeline behind my house as I tried to call a friend who lives where it would pass over next.  I ran in to get my HD video camera but it malfunctioned and wouldn't load the screen even though power was on.  I still felt vibration in the floors.  I went back outside and was able to call my friend but she did not answer.  That call took place at 10:28pm. 
I reviewed the footage and got great sound on the boom and high pitched humming noises. The video quality isn't great but I slowed down frame by frame and there are visible objects. 

What is going on?

(Name withheld by SW)
*               *                *

Note:  I have not yet received video or photos of these events.  If I do, I will share them on LITS.
As for what is going on, I think we already know the answer...


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