Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Teardrop shaped UFO reported in La Porte, Texas- 1/23/2011

This report comes from a witness in La Porte, Texas, which is approximately 20 miles ESE of Houston, located on the western shores of Trinity Bay (North Galveston Bay).
Report is "as is", with no corrections.

MUFON Case #  27503
Date/Time:  2011-01-23 23:05
City:    La Porte
State:    Texas
Shape:    Teardrop,Other
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:    black flying object approx 500' above houses travelling North

At approximately 2305 hours on 01/23/2011,in La Porte, Texas. I was walking my dog when I heard a strange humming sound. When I looked up I saw a black flying object, shaped like a teardrop but with angular wing like protrusions pointing backwards. Three(3)very bright orange lights were facing forward. Two(2)of the lights were on each side of the craft facing forward and one(1)orange light was in the middle or nose area of the craft. The craft made a sound that was like high current electricity, a loud humming sound. The craft's sound was like no sound that I have ever heard before from a man made flying machine.

When I saw the craft, I was transfixed by the very bright orange lights. At no time was I scared or did I feel threatened in any way.

The craft was traveling North at approximately 500' above the tops of the houses. The forward velocity seemed to be approximately 60 mph.The craft was traveling in a straight orientation. I saw this flying craft for approximately three(3) minutes. I lost sight of the object after it passed overhead and continued north. I could hear the low humming sound longer than I could see the flying craft.

I have not seen this flying craft since this initial sighting.


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