Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ft Worth Witness Reports UFO With "Vertical Tail"

A witness reports to MUFON that while traveling to Ft. Worth (through Arlington from Dallas), they witnessed a circular object with a vertical Chemical trail-like tail.  Here is that unedited report.

MUFON Case #  27555
Date/Time:  2011-01-28 18:30
City:    Fort Worth
State:    Texas
Summary:    strange vertical chemtrail like object with circular cap

While driving west from Dallas into Fort Worth,about 6:30 pm on 1/28/11 (through Arlington) I spotted two very bright non moving long objects reflecting in the sky. As I moved closer to the objects down I-20 I noticed the objects did not seem to move. They were very high in the sky. One object disappeared from view.

Once I reached SW Ft. Worth on I-20 I was almost beneath the object, closer it looked to be a black circular object with blinking lights on top, beneath was a long train, reminiscent of chemtrail but stationary and in a vertical position from beneath the black circular object. My children watched the object from the back window as we drove into Benbrook then the kids said it disappeared. Several others on the freeway were also noticing, and I spotted a motorcycle pull over and attempt to snap photos.

This was very strange sighting and I can find no information about it anywhere.

*               *               *

Editor's note:  Was this a disc and was something being dispersed into the air?  If you saw this object, please report it to MUFON, or to me here at LITS. -SW

Update:  I heard from the witness.  They wrote:
I am the original poster and yes, I did see a circular disc like object (dark in color, very high in the sky, we all thought it looked black) the veritcal chemtrail thing that was coming down from the object was in the shape of an eye of a needle. This google image is close to what we saw but that trail actually seemed connected to the object, flowing down from it like a bow or a needle eye and it was stationary. We were close to NAS Ft. Worth, so maybe it was some military thing?


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