Monday, January 17, 2011

First birds and fish, now larger animals dying in droves. Are we next?

Dead birds litter Interstate 65.   (Photo courtesy of WHNT News)

Commentary by Sunny Williams, LITS

What the hell is going on?  Bird dying and falling from the air, dead fish piling up on the shores of lakes, rivers and streams.  Now it's cows in Wisconsin and buffalo in Vietnam, not to mention all the mass numbers of dead animals in parts of the world that have yet to be made public. Sounds like a scene from Revelations, doesn't it?  What's next, us?  Should we expect the Four Horsemen?  Is this the Apocalypse?  Are we headed for Armageddon?

All across the country and in fact, the world, dead birds are beginning to litter city streets, roadways and fields.  Even England has it's share of death, with thousands, perhaps millions of dead crabs washing up on Great Britain's beaches.

There is much debate on the cause of the deaths of our feathered and scaled terrestrial creatures.  If it is caused by severe weather, then what of all the years past?  20 plus tornadoes?  Maybe the weather has had help from HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).  You can take a look at the HAARP official website and along with everything else you might have read, seen or heard, you might come to the same conclusion as many others have; that HAARP could very well be the cause of recent disastrous events.

If you have never heard of SCALAR WEAPONS, click on the link and please read about it.  The website contains more information than what I can fit in this post.

Some people have even suggested poison.  If so, what, when where and how? ( Video here, related story here.)   Is this due to the "chemtrails" that many witnesses have reported, or are our lakes, rivers and streams tainted, our crops ruined?  If so, we are all in deep doo doo.

As others have tried to conclude that fireworks were to blame.  That doesn't take into account more recent mass bird deaths across the nation, or the globe.  Wake up!

Perhaps our little friends are meeting their untimely ends due to magnetic field fluctuations, or that the magnetic poles are shifting?  That lends a path back to the theorists who claim the end of the World is coming in December, 2012.  Might the poles actually shift, or even trade places?  Scientists have said that it has occurred in the past.  If so, that could be a possible cause.

But what about bird deaths that have been ruled as having been caused by an impact?  Impact with what, the ground?  No, most of these birds were dead before they slammed to the ground.  So what could cause such a death?  Did they fly into a Boeing 787?  Not likely.

So what else could cause such an impact?  Birds see very well.  Good sight is a must for any creature that flies, catch insects, eat crop seeds, or feed on marine creatures.  They would surely see a large aircraft and be able to steer clear of it, not to mention that birds don't usually fly as high as most transit aircraft. Just what is it that those poor bird made impact with?  A semi tank truck?

I know others have brought this forward, so I am just going to throw this out there and see where it leads: Could our innocent feathered friends be casualties of contact with alien craft, i.e., UFOs?  Contact with a force field surrounding a hovering, flying craft might well be like slamming into a brick wall.  Those same force fields might also render the unidentified flying object invisible, thus fooling the birds into thinking that nothing is there, causing them to impact with the vessel, leading to their subsequent deaths.  Therefore, as we gaze towards the heavens, we panic as little feathered bodies rain down from the skies.

Now for the cows and buffalo.  A Wisconsin farmer is devastated after losing 200 cows to a supposed virus.  Over 7000 buffalo and cows have died in Vietnam, due to extreme cold.  Well, whatever makes you sleep better at night, right?

Alas, that brings us right back to the beginning of this quest for truth and understanding, leaving me still pondering our own futures, the fate of our world.  Are we few seekers alone in our concern?  I hope not.

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