Monday, January 17, 2011

Was it a balloon or a UFO that was photographed in Brazil?

Small, metallic, static sphere

Note:  The photographer/witness reports that this object could possibly be a weather balloon but that would not explain how it could rotate in place without any other movement.  Even the slightest air currents would move the object in any direction. -SW

MUFON Case # 27411

Arujá, Brazil

This event happened in April 2006. I do not remember the exact date. The sighting occurred after 14 hours.
In the city of Arujá in the state of Sao Paulo, near the International Airport of Guarulhos.

At this time I was at work in the administrative building of the factory. I watched through the window what looked like a balloon, but not surprised. What I looked was the fact that approximately 15 minutes after the object was in the same place. A balloon would not stay in place after this time.

I grabbed my camera and took three consecutive shots of the object that was above the trees. Visually appeared metallic. remained static height, but seemed to spin a shaft. After taking the pictures was to show some friends from work just after the object disappeared.

This was the second viewing of a total of 5, but only one that got visual proof.

Frankly I think this is a weather balloon, even being close (approximately 10 km) from the airport station. But the fact remains reasonable time stopped in the air intrigued me. Normally a balloon moves because of the wind.

In the picture the object is located just above the green concrete structure (the factory cafeteria.)

Original Photos
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3


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