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Mailbag: Aerial "Orange" Lights over Abilene and "Christmas" Lights over Hollywood

Witnesses have reported seeing unidentifiable lights in the skies.  After two such reports posted here, I have received some interesting emails.  Here is just a sample.

The first email is by the man who reported the Abilene Lights to MUFON.  He has since had another sighting.  There is also mention by another reader, of a sighting near Mullin, Texas. 

The second email is from a young lady in Hollywood, California.  She apparently saw lights in a circular pattern, similar to what I reported having seen near Cisco, Texas.

Below each email, there is a link to the original posts here on LITS.  If you have seen a UFO (unidentified flying object), or unusual lights in the sky, please contact me.  You will get a reply from me and might see your report in print, here on Lights in the Texas Sky.

Thanks and Happy Holidays,
Sunny (SW)

Lights over Abilene


I was the one who saw those lights, we saw them again for almost an hour. This is 5 days in a row now. I had a MUFON guy contact me and he said he's seem them in the past (not this time though) on 5 seperate occasions. Something weird is going on, defiiitely not flares ..i'd say a 0% chance these were flares ..they did some pretty bizarre things that isn't "flare" like, I don't know of to many flares that come on in a row or a diagonal line or whatever ..of course the easy explanation is flares, but thats coming from people who haven't seen it ..gotta see it to know they aren't flares dad has been watching them with me ..he's got 30 years in the Coast Guard ..he's seen his fair share of flares and he said "not flares".

And again:


I wish I could show what the lights did tonight, very very bizarre, I can't explain, I could draw a picture to show what they did. They've been showing up so frequently lately that I go outside waiting for them to show and they do. I sit out back on my porch and out of nowhere they start to show up. I really wish I could catch them on tape or camera but I can't I even bought a video camera just for this purpose and I still can't capture it. I just wish someone else out here would see them with me, all I have right now is a friend my parents. Im going to keep watching and reporting what I see but i've kinda lost interest in reporting because its only my report up there and never anyone elses lately. Kinda frustrating.
News story here

T. (name withheld by SW)


Another reader writes:
My Friend called me telling me she saw something really weird in the sky near Mullin, Tx, about 4 hrs ago. I'll be out there in 2 days, so I will keep an eye out after dark.

Original Post

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Christmas Lights in the sky over Hollywood


Last night I was driving in north Hollywood on Riverside drive and my attention was caught by strange Christmas lights in the sky passing over my head. It looked like a fan or half circle and it appeared to be whitish yellow Christmas wreaths flashing in succession. There was one white or blue light at the base. 

It was flying pretty low. It moved slowly over the Hollywood hills. Less than a minute later a police helicopter was speeding around the sky with its searchlight on.

I've never seen a craft shaped like this.

Now that I have slept on it I almost wonder if it wasn't mimiking the holiday lights that are currently strung on Riverside?

Anyway your story seems very similar to mine. But mine happened last night. I can't take my eyes of the skies now!

And when I wrote her back:

I know I wish the government would just be honest about it!
I was so glad to see your story. It really helped me.
Happy holidays to you as well!

(name withheld by SW)

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