Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Object seen near Cisco, Texas 12/09/2010

Aside from my own sighting - Christmas lights in the sky near Cisco, Texas, someone else saw and reported a round, disc-like object with lights.
Here is that report:

MUFON Case #  26917
Date/Time:    2010-12-09 18:35
City:    Cisco
State:    Texas
Shape:    Circle
Visibility:    Clear
Weather:    None
Vallee Index:    CE1

At 6:35 PM, I was driving south on Highway 183 towards Cisco. About three miles north of Cisco, a round object appeared directly in front of me over the highway. A series of white lights went on and off in succession all the way around the object. It took about 4 seconds for the lights to go around the object. The object appeared to be stationary. The object did not reappear.

Note: If anyone else has observed anything unusual around the Cisco, Texas area, please contact me and refer to this report. Thank you. -SW


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  1. I am a new resident of Katy, TX. I was driving my daughter to the school yesterday at 7:20 am and I saw an object in the sky. Like a big round silver sphere in the sky (Actually I did not see any clouds in the sky) it was just there in the sky and it move to the right and forward like going in the direction that we were going but like straight or something not like an airplane and I am marry with a pilot so, I have seeing a lot of different airplanes and helicopters in my life. Any way, I have never believed anything about UFOs or something like that but, after yesterday I am very surprise!


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