Thursday, December 30, 2010

Report from Abilene - Light in the sky 12/29/2010

I received a report this morning, from a contact in Abilene, Texas.  She reports that she and her family watched from their home, as a strange light slowly traversed the night sky. The witness has previously reported lights in the sky over Abilene.  Here is her report. 

If you also witnessed this object in the sky, please
contact me. Thanks, SW


I have another report for you.

12/29/10 at 9:00 pm to roughly 9:30 pm, my husband and I observed the same object as I reported before. At 9:00, we were sitting in the living room and noticed the bright star like object through the window. We sat inside for about 5 minutes watching it, thinking it might be a star, but then it started to flicker strangely, move slightly, and appeared to have 2 or 3 other lights blinking with it- like it was rotating? All the lights seemed to be from the same object. I went outside to observe it with binoculars; the binocs were not good enough. So from observation without binoculars, I watched as it seemed to pulse and flicker bright white to a reddish, orangish, and then blue, green. The object was in the same part of the sky, the south- southeast, at a high altitude and seemed a little larger than the stars in the sky. I came back inside to watch it from the window, and it moved a great distance away from us, more to the south, but it was a slow move, definitely very noticeable of how far it was away from the original position we first viewed it at. At one point after I came back in the object dimmed a lot, then disappeared, then came back bright and dimmed again as its position slowly changed in the sky. It then dimmed and changed position so much that it was hardly even noticeable from our previous view. We are now so intrigued that we are going to buy a telescope this weekend.

Have you had anyone from Abilene reporting this? I would really like to get a group together to discuss this as well as the geo-engineering in our skies. I did some basic research on those chemtrails, and yes someone is spraying something in our skies on a regular basis- it is just a matter of finding out exactly what is the composition of chemicals being sprayed. Texas has a visible weather modification program, as well as all states. 40 countries have been geo-engineering the weather for decades. The U. N. has suggested a ban on geo-engineering of the weather, but the U.S. did not sign on to that ban. I have a feeling the two are linked, our government is doing the geo-engineering and maybe the UFOs are trying to interfere? I do not know this as a fact, I am just grasping to understand why so much activity from our governments around the world, and the great amount of activity from UFOs and the link they have.

I will keep watching…as I am now aware to things that are out of the ordinary.

(Name withheld by SW)


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