Friday, January 30, 2009

January, 2009 Texas Reports

There have been many reported sightings for the month of January, 2009, here in Texas. No telling how many have actually seen something and either not reported it, or instead, they reported to a local agency (or other) that I am unaware of. Here's a run-down of the list:

#1.) Jan. 1: Katy, TX- Large orange light.
#2.)Jan. 1: Spring, TX- Multiple orange lights (30 to 40), 2 fleets in trianglar formations.
#3.)Jan. 2: Ft. Worth, TX- Bright "moving" star.
#4.)Jan. 4: Ballinger, TX- Bright spinning, moving star-like object.
#5.)Jan. 4: Whitsboro, TX- Disc UFO
#6.)Jan. 7: Burkburnett, TX- Moving "star-like" object in the sky.
#7.)Jan. 7: Waco, TX- Saturn-like disc.
#8.)Jan. 8: Matagorda, TX- Cirular, moving, star-like bright white light.
#9.)Jan. 9: Houston, TX- Bright star-like object & Triangle surrounded by helicopters
#10.) Jan. 9: McKinney, TX- Saturn-like
#11.) Jan. 11: Texas- Large, close Triangle
#12.) Jan. 11: Harlingen, TX- Extremely bright disc-shaped object that landed on roadway. Witness took photo.
#13.) Jan. 13: San Antonio, TX- Appeared to be 3 glowing balls stuck together (round triangular shape), rotating and moving slowly in SW direction. Video/story can be viewed here:
#14.) Jan. 15: Abilene, TX- Large Triangle low over city.
#15.) Jan. 16: Whitney-Hillsboro area, TX- Bright red/orange moving object.
#16.) Jan. 17: El Paso, TX- Large triangular object with 3 bright light at points.
#17.) Jan. 18: Texas- Row of bright lights attached to large cigar shaped object.
#18.) Jan. 20: Dublin/Stephenville, TX- 2 sets of bright lights (3 lights ea.), 1 object w/red lights, plus military craft.
#19.) Jan. 22: 4-5 amber lights moving fast.
#20.) Jan. 23: Alvin to Houston, TX: Large triangle UFO seen within 500 ft., Headed towards Houston.
#21.) Jan. 24: Pearland, TX- Orange light that was pulsating, flashing, travelling North.
#22.) Jan. 26: Corpus Christi, TX- Bright moving, bobbling sphere.
#23.) Jan. 28: Dallas, TX- Bright green flash that lit up western sky, multiple witnesses.
#24.) Jan. 29: Abilene, TX- First 2 then 5-7 bright orange lights. Moved and disappeared.
#25.) Jan. 29: Moran, TX- 2 distinct moving, flashing red lights that turned into 15 non blinking lights.
#26.) Jan. 29: Carrollton, TX- (2) Circular shaped objects with "lots of lights" (14-16) on top, seen on foggy morning.
#27.) Jan. 30: Sulfur Springs, TX- Bright, oval, multicolored objects (2), one moves away, shoots into space, other hovers then vanishes.
#28.) Jan. 30: Stephenville, TX- Several red lights seen in the NW sky at about 7:15 p.m.
#29.) Jan. 30: Cisco, TX: Several red lights seen in the East, at about 7:20 p.m. [1]
Late additions not reported until Feb., '09:
#30.) Jan. 12: Mission, TX: First sighted Jan. 11, '09 and then again Jan. 12, '09- Sphere, Star-like, distance 8-10 miles. Object moved East to West, back to East then SE.
#31.) Jan. 29: Clyde, TX: Several orange (red?) blinking lights attached to a cigar/blimp-shaped craft. Seen by 2 witness traveling on I-20 near Abilene.
Another addition to January Reports:
#32.) Jan. 31: near Stephenville/Dublin, TX- on Hwy 377 1/2 mile North of Stephenville city limits, a couple witnessed 2 bright amber tinted lights headed SSW just to the West of the city of Dublin, TX. The lights soon became 4, then back to 2 and disappeared behind a treeline.

[1] On the evening of Jan. 30, 2009, someone in Stephenville saw odd red lights to their NW. At about that same time (or little after), I was driving on Hwy 206, headed South and saw red lights to the East (West of Stephenville), at about 3,000 ft. altitude. What a coincidence! No, they were not airplanes or helicopters. There were no usual navigation, or anti-collision lights (red, green & white). Did I mention I've been around aircraft all my life and have actually flown a plane? Well, I do know a little about aircraft and this was not anything that I am used to seeing.
Both reports can be found on the MUFON website. The original Stephenville report can be viewed at the KWTX TV website.

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