Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are there Aliens and an Alien Agenda?

Are there really aliens from another world, that are coming to our planet? Philip Schneider and Milton William (Bill) Cooper thought so. Both men died under mysterious circumstances, Schneider being found in his home, dead for a week, possibly strangled and Cooper was shot dead, by law enforcement officers no less! Before that, Cooper had almost been killed by being run off the road. Sounds like someone was trying to shut him up. Well, "they" succeeded but not before both men got their message out.
Just what was *that* message? The message was that aliens are real and the governments of the world have been covering it up. More specifically, the US Government; That there are over a dozen different alien species, a few who are benevolent, most who are not and that a rogue government group is in cahoots with some not so nice aliens, i.e., the ones who mutilate cattle and abduct humans for their experiments. As for some of the UFOs, they're supposedly Black Ops craft, made from alien technology, bartered for with lives of average citizens, for alien experiments.
There's also supposed to be a hidden alien agenda. Are we to become slaves? Is our DNA being manipulated and are hybrids being born to serve the alien agenda? If so, how do we stop it? If all this were true (which I have no way of knowing at this time), I do have a pretty good idea of how to put a stop on it.

What are we the people supposed to make of all this? I really can't say, as I am no expert but someone once gave me this advice: "When it comes to government, believe nothing you hear, half of what you see... and trust no one." Works for me. Well, both ways actually. I'm more of the "seeing is believing" type. I want proof. That proof is out there, somewhere. Do your part, report your UFO sightings! Be a part of the answers to the big questions.

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