Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gulf Breeze revisited

The UFO Hunters (Bill Birnes, Dr. Ted Acworth and Pat Uskert) in association with The History Channel, will be revisiting Gulf Breeze, Florida. If anyone remembers the big UFO flap in the Gulf Breeze area back in the late '80s, it was mostly generated by an Ed & Frances Walters. In the early 1990s, the pair wrote a book entitled 'The Gulf Breeze Sightings'.

If you've seen Ed Walters photos and most stand out as suspect. One photo in particular, looks like a lamp shade reflected off a window. My son once did that. He took a picture of a window near a lamp. The photo was taken so that the lamp did not show up, but the reflection of the lamp shade looked just like a UFO. I was just a simple joke and he didn't peddle it as a real UFO, unlike some people. I'll say for the record, that my photos are real. My artwork is not, though it may be my interpretation of real or imagined events.

Walters book and sightings were declared hoaxes, after a model of a UFO was discovered in the attic of the couple's former home. Lamp shade, model, does it matter? They were faked. The Walters felt the need to hoax sightings. I guess it pays well?

Whether looking for fame and money, just being the proverbial ass, or in desperate need for attention, hoaxes don't help the search for the truth. They don't hurt it much either. If you believe in Aliens /UFOs, those scoff at the idea think you're a few bricks shy of a load.

Oh well, on Wednesday evenings we still have the UFO Hunters and their quest to prove, or disprove the existence of aliens and their aircraft (UFOs). I'll have my popcorn ready. You bring the hot chocolate.

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