Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Multiple Witnesses See Lights

On the evening of February 24, 2009, several witnesses spotted bright lights in an area of Texas that is located 50 miles East of Abilene, to approximately 45 miles West of Stephenville. Towns include Cisco, Dublin and Rising Star. Here is one of those reports:

"On Feb 24, 2009, I was driving down Hwy 183 and was about 3 miles outside ( of Cisco when a bright light caught my eye through the truck window. It was hovering about 800 ft. up, approx. 3-5 miles to my South. One bright white light with several amber lights on each side and across the bottom. I passed trees between myself and object (took only a second or two) and then the object was gone. After passing through town and as I crossed over I-20 on Hwy 206, I again saw the object further South. Again it disappeared and showed up even further south. After I had gone several miles down the road, the object showed up one more time. I passed a wooded area and did not see the object again. It appeared to be traveling towards Rising Star, TX."

Same night, about the same time, 2 other people saw amber lights in nearby towns. Coincidence?
*Picture is a depiction of Object seen near Cisco, TX.

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