Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Woman's Account of Alien Contact

How would you react if someone that you knew to be a sane, rational person, told you that they had a contact experience with aliens? Would you want to know more about that experience, or would you totally dismiss it as an hallucination, pure fantasy, or just look at them wide eyed, as if they themselves were alien?
Let me relate this story and whoever reads this can decide for themselves.
Picture a middle-aged mother of two grown children, with kids of their own. She is not one that is prone to exaggeration, as she feels that detracts from truth. To her, things are as such; no more, no less.
Then one day she sees something in the sky that she can't identify. She gets it on camera. Soon she is seeing UFOs on a weekly, or at least monthly basis. Some have even seemed to interact with her. She has reported these sightings.

One night, after a brief storm has passed and she is alone, she goes to bed thinking of all the things she has to do the next day, such things as finding a new home. She and her husband are moving and he is staying at their old home to keep it safe from thieves and mischief makers.
It's strange that her small dog won't come get his treat, won't get in his dog bed where he normally sleeps, he won't even come in the room. She dismisses it and lays down. Suddenly the phone rings at 2:00 a.m., so she reaches for the phone beside her bed and there is only a dial tone. She realizes that there are 3 phones in the house, each has it's own sound, yet the one by the bed is the only one that rang just then. It wasn't even a regular "ring", it was like 2 half rings. She hangs up and tries to get to sleep but now she's wondering who tried to call.
Almost asleep, she's roused again at 2:30 a.m. by the phone. She lets it "half ring" 5 times and picks up again, only to hear a dial tone. Nonplussed, she settles back under the covers to attempt sleep.
It's not quite 3:a.m. and she rouses from sleep because she hears voices. She can't understand what is being said but the voices are all around her. She's wide awake now and sits up to find shadowy figures moving around her bed. These are not ordinary shadows. Most are only about 4 feet tall but at least one towers over them and has to duck down as it comes through the bedroom door.
She asks herself, "Is this real, or am I dreaming?" She tries to get up and something pushes her back on the bed. She begins to flail her arms, trying to ward off whatever is near. Her left hand makes contact with something. It isn't the bed board, she can't reach it. It isn't the nightstand (which is to her right). Whatever she hit, it was like skin and bone. The next morning she will find a bruise to the palm of her hand that lasts for over 2 weeks and is tender to the touch.
After striking whatever it was, or whoever it was, she finds herself pinned to the bed and can't move anything except her head. She calls out to her husband to help her, knowing he isn't there, yet disparately hoping for help. Suddenly a tall figure moves to the bed, leans on it and hovers over her saying, "I'm here. It's alright."
She knows that is not her husband. She yells but there is no sound. She struggles but still can't move. She twists and turns her head, she sees the large red numbers on the bedside alarm clock, they read "3:23". Suddenly the phone begins to ring that same half ring. The shadowy figures become agitated and it's as if they reach up and put hands to the sides of their heads. She can faintly see glistening eyes in the light from the nightlight in the hallway and the guard light from outside.
After 3 to 4 rings, the phone becomes silent and then the voices begin again. The tone is threatening but she still does not understand what is being said. It seems like hours that this goes on, then suddenly she blacks out, then comes to and it's 5:00 a.m. She has been struggling with these demon like creatures for over 2 hours. She gets up and makes her way to the bathroom, then she comes back to bed. She is exhausted and her whole body aches from the struggle. She falls into a deep, dreamless sleep, then is awakened at 10:30 a.m. by the dogs that refused to come to the bedroom all night.
She remembers what happened that night. She's beginning to remember more. She knows she was being threatened. The bruise on her hand was real. The aching body was real. The fear was real.

Has she seen UFOs since? Yes. Does she report these sightings? Yes. Has she reported the contact to any organization? No, because she feels no one would believe it.

The picture is a representation of what she saw.

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