Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Witnesses Report Similar UFO Sightings In Lee's Summit, MO

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Witnesses in Lee's Summit, Missouri report similar sightings, a day apart.

From their descriptions, it appears that it may be the same object.

[These reports are unedited.]


MUFON Case # 32340
Date:    2011-10-03
Time:   20:30
Status:    Submitted
City:    Lees Summit
State:    Missouri
Shape:    Unknown
Distance:  One mile or less
Summary:  Huge object with white and green lights - flying at around 3,000-5,000 feet - much larger than a commercial plane

Driving north on Pryor Road in Lees Summit MO around 8:30pm when I noticed what I thought was a low flying plane coming towards my location from the north west. As it got closer I realized how low it was flying (no more than 3000-5000 feet) and became concerned. Once it was within maybe 1/2 mile of my location I realized this was no plane - I had my windows down and absolutely no sound coming from it - it had many white lights and some green ones. It crossed over the road and continued in a south-east direction maybe another 5-10 miles and then began turning back to the north. I was on the phone with my daughter and was trying to describe to her what I was witnessing and she laughed but after it turned back to the north it came into her view (she was about 5 miles northeast of me). She also was stunned and described the same thing back to me. Freaked us out!


MUFON Case # 32347
Date:    2011-10-04
Time:   19:55
Status:    Submitted
City:    Lee's Summit
State:    Missouri
Shape:    Diamond, Triangle
Distance:  One mile or less
Summary:  Unidentified object sighted while driving on 50 HWY E in Lee's Summit at 470 interchange.

My wife and I were driving home from the school we work at when we saw a strange flashing object in the sky. We were driving on 350 HWY as it turns into 50 HWY E at 470 in Lee's Summit. At first we thought it was an airplane landing at the Lee's Summit Airport...then it sharply changed direction, turned completely sideways and showed a vast array of lights...white, green, blue flashing in a pattern at first, and then quickly pulsating in a random pattern. It then hovered in place for a short time, then rotated back to horizontal. We could only see white lights when it did this. It then very quickly flew southeast at approximately 300-400 mph...then stopped abruptly in the sky over what would be downtown Lee's Summit. It then hovered in place and turned back toward us going northwest. We could once again see all of the colored lights on what appeared to be the bottom of the craft. The craft continued northwest and flew quickly out of view. In the area at the same time were at least 2, maybe 3 helicopters. I have never seen anything like this and have always been very skeptical of UFOs.


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