Sunday, October 9, 2011

Interesting Anomalies in a Traveler's Sunset Photo

Witness Photo


An Ohio traveler captures anomalies in sunset photo.


MUFON Case # 32477
Date:    2011-10-08
Time:   21:08
City:    Streetsboro
State:    Ohio
Shape:    Fireball
Duration:    00:06:00
Distance:    Over one mile
Summary: we saw two stationary rectangular object motionless in an odd color cloud formation while driving home.

We were driving home 7:38 pm September 28, 2011 on GA HWY 278 just crossing GA HWY 120 when I finally took the pictuce with my cell phone. I originally noticed the strange cloud formation after we crossed GA HWY 92 on 278. A few miles later I noticed two glowing objects. One was rectangular with not as sharp geometry more in the cloud and the other was smaller but a its horizontal and vertical lines were perfect. I began to watch the objects because of their shapes in the odd color cloud. They seemed stationary and had no blinking lights. I lost the object after about 10 minutes after crossing GA HWY 61 due to lighting and line of sight.

My wife was driving and 16 year old daughter sitting in the back saw it also but they were not as curious myself.

After looking closer at the image on my computer there is also a sphere in the cloud formation.

Did anyone else notice something strange in the western Georgia sky that night.


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