Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meteor Over Nebraska?

A man reports a strange, rainbow colored meteor may have crashed into a corn field in Nebraska.

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MUFON Case # 32724
Date:    2011-10-18
Time:    03:30
State:    Nebraska
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:    Meteorite-large ,with hundreds of little ones came down within 1 mile north of location, in a corn field most likely, with a thump and flash

Story from my son who lives a half mile south of me on my property.

We always watch the sky and most all meteorite showers so we know what a meteorite looks like in most cases. We even know the content colors from the burning. We have had several hit close by over the years. This was a bit different.

He was three miles SW of Columbus on hyway 30 going west when there was a large flash and his vehicle began stuttering and blinking on and off. Then it straightened out.

Upon reaching his home he saw the ground getting lighter almost like daylight, through the window he saw the meteorite fly past overhead directly over my farmhouse completely lighting up the farm a half mile north of his location with hundreds of smaller meteorites. Then as it went behind the farm he heard/felt a thump and saw a brighter flash silhouetting the farm. All the while the smaller bits were coming down as well in an area spreading out over a quarter mile or so either side of the trail left by the big one. The smokey trail that it left was oddly zigzagged and floated off with the wind.

He said that it was rainbow colored and that was the odd part. The little pieces stopped shortly after. all together the event at his house lasted between 15 to thirty seconds.

At the same time I woke up at the farm and thought my 12 year old had fallen out of bed. I was up for a while but did not see the lights or know really what woke me.

That's it. We have METEORITE in the field north of us, but I think finding it would be rough. In case you get other reports of odd lights in the area check to see the direction and the time. I may have the answer to them.

Also the flash that effected the truck was an odd occurrence if it too was a chunk of meteorite don't you think?


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