Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Latest Science News Links- Sun Mission, Invisibility Cloak, NYC Shuttle Shame, Pop Quiz!

Current NEWS Links
         for Star Date 2011.10.5

Europe to lead daring Sun mission

[Europe is to lead the most ambitious space mission ever undertaken to study the behaviour of the Sun.]

Y'all be careful now, ya hear?  I hear there is a huge 'mother-ship' lurking near the sun!


Researchers Create Functional Invisibility Cloak Using 'Mirage Effect'

[Researchers have created a working invisibility cloak using one of nature’s common yet bizarre phenomena -- the “mirage effect.”
The new design from the University of Dallas was demoed on YouTube and even has an on and off switch -- and it's best used underwater.]

How much time do you spend under water?


Texans urge NASA to take retired shuttle away from New York

[Houston to New York: Displaying a retired space shuttle near a strip joint is no way to treat a precious space artifact.]

Shame, shame on you, New York!


How much do you know?

Quantum Mechanics Theories and Concept

Is this a parallel universe? Take the quiz!

You tell me your score and I'll tell you mine. ;-)


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