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Possible Cigar-shaped UFO Over Indiana Church Camp-1988

A Morgantown, Indiana witness recalls a 1988 sighting of a cigar-shaped unidentified flying object. The witness claims the cigar-shaped UFO sheared tops off trees and was seen by campers.

This report was submitted to MUFON.

[Editor's note:  This report contains minor spelling corrections.  To see original report, please click on case number.]

MUFON Case # 32616

Date:    1988-04-17
Time:     23:55
City:    Morgantown
State:    Indiana
Shape:    Cigar
Duration:    00:30:00
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:    I heard the sound of large trees being sheared of their tops at a slow, constant speed with no noise from a motor on an otherwise still night. The next day there were reports of a cigar shaped object hovering over a campground at the end of our road.

On a very still, unseasonably warm spring night sometime between 11:30 and 12 midnight I heard the sound of what sounded like large trees being toppled at a slow, constant speed. The sound was coming from our neighbors woods which is 800 feet down from our property and was heading our way as it was getting louder and louder, we live in a heavily wooded area in southern Brown County and have enormous trees just for the record.

I woke my husband from a sound sleep and made him come over to the window and explained to him I had been listening to the noise for a while now. He was groggy and said he didn't know what it was and told me he was going back to sleep.  The noise continued across our property and continued until I could no longer hear it.

The next afternoon a conservation officer stopped by and asked if we had experienced anything strange the night before and before I could say anything my husband said, "I've been a woodsman my entire life and last night I heard something I have no explanation for", then proceeded to describe what he had heard. The officer said that there were several hundred sightings of a cigar shaped craft hovering over a church camp and a good friend later told us he was at a party in Nashville, Indiana, which is about 10 miles east of us also in Brown County, and saw it hovering while out on the deck.

After hearing what others had seen I then realized that what had happened in our woods was actually the tops of trees being sheared off, and I'm talking large limbs! I could not see the craft as I was inside my house looking into pitch darkness and there was no light coming from the craft.

That same night a teenage girl driving home from a church meeting almost wrecked her car when a large creature on two legs leaped across the road only touching pavement once. This happened not 7 miles from our house. My husband worked with her father. This is a second hand account which I cannot confirm as I didn't personally witness it but according to my husband the man was certainly not one to make up a story like that. I was told about this site by Dan Aykroyd and promised to record my account.


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  1. I also saw a silver cigar shapped UFO in the summer of 2003 between Seymore and Columbus Indiana on State Road 11, it was mid afternoon with clear skys. and it appeared to be traveling down st rd 11 toward Columbus. after several miles it simply disapeared.? this would have been around 20 miles from where the 1988 sight would have happend.


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