Friday, October 14, 2011

Black Triangle Blocks Outs Stars Over Lee's Summit, Missouri


October 10, 2011- While walking their dog in Lee's Summit, Missouri, a witness notices the stars blocked out by a black triangle-shaped object in the sky.

[This report is 'slightly' edited.]


MUFON Case # 32560
Date:    2011-10-06
Time:    20:45
Status:   Assigned
City:      Lees Summit
State:     Missouri
Shape:    Triangle
Distance: Unknown
Summary: Black. Shape of a streched triangle. Moving slow from SE to NW then turned S. No sound whatsoever.

I was walking my dog like most nights. We were at SE 5th Terrace and Todd George Road.

We were on the Prairie View Grade School property about 200 ft SW of the school building.

My dog was sniffing the ground checking for mice. He spends a few minutes at that so I was just looking around while he did his thing.

I was looking up at the sky facing SE just to the left of the church. After a few seconds I noticed there was a patch of sky with no stars visible.

I kept looking at it because it was moving so slow and eventually it was obvious it had a triangle shape.

It was creepy because there was absolutely no sound and it felt like the object was more stretching toward me than any obvious movement.

It was getting larger and I felt it was more massive but I could see nothing but a flat black triangle against a fairly star-filled sky. It seemed like 2-3 minutes had passed.

I looked down at my dog partly to check on him but I was also feeling a little shaken and wanted to change my focus. I looked back up about 10-15 seconds later and the point of the triangle was in the process of turning from it's NW direction and within a minute was moving south.

I watched it until it disappeared against the night sky.



  1. I was stationed at Ft Leonard Wood, MO in 1994 and I saw the same thing. It was a very cold night and I was merely star gazing when all of a sudden something very large and triangular went right over me. It was completely silent and had no lights on it at all. If it hadn't of been for the bright star lit sky I would have never had even known it was there. I was only able to make out it's triangular shape as it slowly blacked out the stars as it traveled over my head. Nice to hear that someone else has experienced the same thing.

  2. Black triangle UFOs have been observed in Hessdalen (Norway) as well. I've written about this in my blog, and how this is taken seriously by academic research groups. The results are amazing, and the conclusions are sensational:


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