Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crescent-shaped Object Observed Over Redding, California

On the evening of September 30, 2011, while enjoying his hot tub, a man in Redding, California observes a crescent-shaped object flying fast and erratically across the sky.  He claims the sighting was quite disturbing; that it "was not normal in any way and in fact seemed more cinematic and unreal."

This report contains minimal corrections. -SW


MUFON Case # 32238
Date:    2011-09-30
Time:   20:30
Status:    Not yet assigned
City:    Redding
State:    California
Shape:    Boomerang,Unknown
Duration: 00:00:12
Distance: Unknown
Summary: Visually this was very disturbing and very real

I was sitting in my hot tub watching the stars, jets and satellites passing overhead; we're in northern California in Redding right under the jet corridor from southern California and the Northwest U.S.

Many nights have been spent observing the skies. Last night 9-30-11 I caught an image of something flying south at a very unusual high rate of speed...enough to actually make me stand up.

The object was crescent shaped with lights moving through what appeared to be liquid without a specific geometric pattern. It came from the northern horizon at a very high rate of speed approx. 30 degrees off the horizon heading south.

What got me to stand up in the hot tub was that it began to turn east quickly in a 45 degree arc covering nearly one third the horizon line before it quickly snapped to a southern flight at a higher rate of speed in a slight "S" pattern heading due south where I observed it until the end of my observable horizon line.

The object was very visible, flew in what I felt was a frantic pattern and emotionally caused the hair on my body to stand up simply because what I saw was not normal in any way and in fact seemed more cinematic and unreal.

I assumed seeing something like this would be more interesting instead of eerie and somewhat threatening. This object possessed an immeasurable power that I can't relate to which stirs the soul more than ever.

I called my wife and brother and couldn't find the words that would convince them that what I saw was very very unnatural and disturbing. As for size it seemed to be somewhere between the altitude of passenger jets and myself..if this were the case then the object would be quite large. If it were at the altitude of passenger jets I would then assume it's size to be massive.

What bothered me was the motion, silence and hesitation of flight. It moved with purpose and this bothers me.



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  2. Your description and feelings echo my own accounts of seeing and reporting 'boomerang' ufos (about 20 between 2010 and 2012). I too had an emotional response of having experienced something uncanny - something 'other'. The movement is unlike anything else in the sky - sort of silky and effortless.

    Usually I saw these on a single direct course. On a couple of occasions I would describe the movement as skittering - rapidly describing an 'S' shaped course. Like you I had the thought that the thing was moving with clear purpose and intent and like you I wondered about motive. The closest object I observed also faded from sight as it passed over. It deeply shakes you as you realise there is something clearly missing in our knowledge of our world. And then you try to tell friends and family about what you have seen and they are lost for a response. As far as I can tell nobody really knows what these things are or where they come from and I have been doing the research. I just marvel at our mighty universe and our puny selves acting tough within it all.


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