Sunday, October 23, 2011

Possible Alien Abduction in Nevada, 1975

A witness reports that he experienced a possible alien abduction near Pioche, Nevada in 1975.   His wife also reports other possible sightings and alien contact since that first encounter.

Here is that edited report.

[Note: This report has been heavily edited.]

MUFON Case # 32782
Date:    1975-07-28
Status:    Assigned
City:    Pioche
State:    Nevada
Duration:    06:12:05
Distance:    20 feet or less
Summary:    taken on ship and they did some type of experiment on me.

Just filled up van in Pioche, Nevada and was headed west through the desert to Los Angeles.

All of a sudden real bright lights were in my rear-view mirror and I remember being on a table and these human like beings around me. When they talked to me it was done telepathically. They had a grayish color to them.

Next thing was I awoke and was sitting on top of a mountain, above the highway I was on and my van was on empty. I went back to Pioche and filled up again and got to Vegas and when I fully came to, I had been there about 12 hours. I had a lot of pain in my lower area.

I finished my trip and got home and explained to my ex-wife what had happened. that didn`t go so well.

In 1986 I met my now wife Brenda and we had met 9/17/86 and we talked solid for 2 days, I was kind of hesitant to tell her but she knew I was holding something back. So I went into detail and told her everything. She didn`t laugh or call me crazy but instead she was excited and wanted to know more. She seems to have this ability to see, hear and feel if something or someone is around.

We moved to St. Petersburg Fl. from Pinellas Park Fl. We had been there a few years and around 97 or 98. Danny came in the house with a look on his face that was undesirable, he wanted me to go outside. 

Well we had a hedge around our front yard and he took me down along the front of the hedge and asked me if I noticed anything. I looked and told him I didn`t and he proceeded to show me this spot where there was a gaping hole in it.   They were full, so I know it hadn`t been there earlier, as I got home from work and mowed the lawn.

It was still there the next day so I showed my good friend Sue and she said it looks like somebody was sitting there.

A couple of days later he wanted me to come outside and check that spot but couldn`t find it, it was back the way it was suppose to be.

If it would have been done by kids or anybody my shepherds would have let us know someone was out there, they patrolled the yard like guards.

We decided to drive out to the beach one night and was watching the Dolphins and we both looked up and seen a bright red light.  We thought at first it was the sun but then Danny said that everything was going to be alright. He said they were there and we both looked up and the red object took off in seconds.

When we moved to Pasco, Florida.  Danny was looking on the property and I heard him talking to someone but he was alone.  He told me that we were going to be fine. He said he sees them every so often. I have to believe him because I have seen and talked to them also and if your wondering if this was a joke, I wouldn`t waste my time.

Danny never seen an object but he seen the lights which wouldn`t let him see much of anything else. When he had his first quadruple heart by-pass, the Dr asked about any surgeries Danny had had and I told him he`s never had any.  But the Dr. said that there was a small incision just below his belly button and I looked and asked Danny about it and he said it was there after he had the experience in the desert. He had never had a surgery before the first heart one. But to this day there is a tiny incision mark.

Danny would be able to give you all the details of being where he was, cause he has the mark and his story has never wavered in all these years. He said he hurt so bad that it was like someone hit him in the privates with a baseball bat.

Since we have been together and he told me this, we have had a lot of things happen that you would not normally see or hear.


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