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Lights and Triangle UFO Over Valley Village, California

Witness' illustration- MUFON Case # 32605

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MUFON Case # 32605
Date:     2011-10-14
Time:     23:23
Status:   Assigned
City:      Valley Village
State:    California
Shape:  Triangle
Distance:   500 feet or less
Summary:  UFO traveling West down the 101 near Woodman. Bright lights at first, then when it went overhead I saw silver triangle with red and green lights. It wasn't very high off the ground

I was driving home on the east/southbound 101 at 11:23pm on the evening of Friday, October 14, 2011. When I was approaching the Woodman exit, I saw four very bright lights in the air ahead of me. They looked like car headlights, except they were very bright, and were illuminating the foggy cloud cover above and below them. I thought it was a jet taking off from Burbank airport for a few seconds, but then I realized that the light coming down from this thing were illuminating a patch of the highway in front of me, so it was quite low.

When I first saw it the angle was about 20degrees above the horizon. There was other traffic on the highway with me, and when I passed under the object, I leaned forward and looked up through my windshield. I saw silver-colored, triangular object with a red light at the point, and two green lights midway down each side (they were constant, unblinking lights). I THINK there were also lights at the rear corners. Also on the shape was a silver line just "inboard" from the outer edge, in a v-shape mirroring the triangle itself (see my really not very good drawing).

As I passed under it my car was illuminated by the light coming off of it. I saw the underside of it VERY clearly (though could no longer see the four bright white lights), and I don’t think it could’ve been more than 100’ off the ground. Given the way the angle increased so rapidly (I was going about 60 and it was going the other direction at about ¼-½ my speed), I think it must’ve been pretty low.

I would’ve done ANYTHING to be on anything but a freeway, as I watched it disappear down the road behind me. I exited at Laurel Canyon, turned around and headed back down the freeway but I never saw it again. I went all the way to Van Nuys blvd. before realizing I would've caught it and that it must not be following the original flight path/pattern.

While at the stoplight at Laurel Canyon I noted the time on my car’s clock (it said 11:24 and it had been about 1 minute since I saw the object). I was hoping someone else exiting would pull next to me so I could ask if they’d seen it too, but the only other car which exited turned right (and I was turning left so I could get back on the freeway in the other direction).

I’d do anything to be able to relive this experience. It was either someone trying very hard to be a convincing UFO over the freeway (say, by dressing up a helicopter), or… …or I don’t know. I was surprised at how clearly I saw it when I looked up through my windshield (though I probably only saw the actual “upview” of the shape for a second or two); I was only expecting to see the four lights – not the triangular thingy I actually saw.

When I first saw the row of four lights (which I drew next to the triangle shape), they were giving of a LOT of light radiating upwards from them as well as downwards – represented by the triangles in the drawing but not to the side - AND not nearly in the sharply-defined conical shape I represent in the drawing - it was just massive amounts of light spilling upwards and downwards). The light was “yellower/whiter” than a police spotlight (which has kind of a blue hue), and the pool of light it made on the freeway was less defined as well. The pool of light on the freeway was also not “jittering” the way a police helicopter light does. When the object was still in front of me (and all I could see were the four lights), I could tell that it was moving a bit from side to side (very smoothly) as it came toward me.

I have never seen a UFO before, nor have I ever reported anything like this ever before. Honestly – it was a pretty incredible sight, the more I think about it. I know this is likely one of the lamer reports you receive, but I can hardly believe that not one other person on the freeway saw/reported it. Someone traveling in the other direction would’ve had a side view at about a 45-degree angle.

While I would like remain anonymous (regarding this reports appearance in public), I would be more than happy to be contacted if anyone has any questions.

Witness depiction: (document)


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