Thursday, October 13, 2011

Strange Happenings at a Ranch in Utah


When you see something and it disappears before your eyes, could that be "Tempus Interruptus"?  That moment in time, frozen for you but not the object?

How about strange creatures, UFOs, lights in the skies and animal mutilations?  It's there.

Case in point, the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah.  Check out Lon Strickler's post over at Phantoms & Monsters.   It's an eye opener.

Breakthrough at Skinwalker Ranch?


"For readers unfamiliar with the narrative of the so-called “Skinwalker Ranch,” Terry Sherman purchased this 480-acre property near Fort Duchesne, Utah in the summer of 1994 with the intention of starting a cattle ranch business. Terry, his wife Gwen, and their son and daughter, fled the property in May of 1996. A succession of terrifying occurrences on their ranch had left the family anguished and afraid. If I were forced to limit my personal library to a single book about transient anomalies, Hunt for the Skinwalker would be my hands-down choice."

Read more here.


Editor's Note:  I apologize to my readers for the lack of postings lately.  My internet has been down (home phone too), and though the phone company has me back on line, it's still not fixed. 

Instead of DSL, I might as well be on regular dial-up.  Have you ever tried to surf the net at 9kbs, or even less?  I should have a knot on my forehead from banging it on the desk. 

I hope to be back at full swing by Friday.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me and keep watching the skies.  Thanks! - Sunny


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