Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ex Air Traffic Controller Reports Triangle Over Lee's Summit, Missouri Area

Depiction by SW/LITS.

[Please note that this report does contain some corrections.  To view original report, please click on case number.-SW]

MUFON Case # 32770
Date:    2011-10-21
Time:   19:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Independence
State:    Missouri
Shape:    Triangle
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    Flew in from SW going NE steady pace then steady hover, very odd AC.

It was 1900 (7PM) exactly as I was driving home from work along US HWY 40 in a populated area Independence/Lee's Summit Missouri at dusk.

I saw flashing lights in the corner of my eye (coming from the Southwest going Northeast) and I looked up through my windshield to see a triangular shaped UFO with what looked to be a transparent center with white, non-simultaneous or patterned flashing lights on all sides with at least one or two blue lights on at least one or two corners.

The UFO had a steady, straight path without spinning, tilting, turning, raising or lowering and then stopped and steadily hovered over a populated area without spinning, tilting, turning, raising or lowering.

I lost sight of the UFO as I continued to drive down US HWY 40 and hills and trees go in my light of sight.

At first I thought it was a flight of aircraft.  Being an ex-air traffic controller, I knew it wasn't, since there were no slight adjustments between the lights.  It seemed to be a solid structure with no green or red lights and looked as though it was larger than a stealth bomber, flying in an area I've never seen aircraft fly around here before.

I did not hear any sound but I also had the radio turned up fairly loud.

My feelings were just shock and surprise and I remembered hearing about MUFON in an interview on 96.5 The Buzz (KRBZ) in Kansas City, approximately a month or two before, talking about 7 reports of a similar description in a town, connecting to Lee's Summit over a water tower (Raytown, MO), up until I lost sight and I could not observe any more similarities.

No interferences besides the observation physically, or psychologically of any kind were noticed in this event.


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