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Manchester, New Hampshire - UFO At The Park

Illustration provided by the witness.
Click on image to enlarge.
Illustration provided by the witness.
Click on image to enlarge.

While enjoying an afternoon at the park, a Manchester, New Hampshire resident, his son and several other witnesses observe a strange cylindrical object, as it floats along in the air.

Here is that report which was originally submitted to MUFON. 

[Please note that I have made a few spelling corrections.  The original report can be viewed by clicking on the Case number. -SW]


MUFON Case #  32295
Date:    2011-09-30
Time:   16:30
City:    Manchester
State:    New Hampshire
Shape:    Cigar,Cylinder
Distance:    100 feet or less
Summary: 4 feet by 2.5-3 feet, slow moving, slow rotating, solid mass black object. 20 to 30 feet above ground.

It was September 30th 2011 that my son and I plus others had a very unusual sighting, in a N.H. park the sighting happened between the hours of 4-5pm in the afternoon on a bright non windy day. I had just purchased a new phone the day prior, so the afternoon of the 30th at about 3:20pm my wife had left for work. My son and I had decided to go to the park about 30 minutes after my wife had left for work. The park is located directly in front of our apartment complex building so we walked over to the playground where there was three teenage girls, and a mother of two little children and her father, I sat down on the farthest corner bench in the park playground and began playing around with the features on my new cell phone.

About 20 minutes later My son had approached me saying, “Daddy! There is something in the sky!” and then he pointed in the direction of what it was he was talking about. I said oh ya, just shrugging off what he said at first but then I looked directly in the direction he was pointing and I saw just as it was passing the first set of tree branches, the tail end of a solid black object slowly floating away. I then stood up and walked over to the other side of the playground where one of the three young teenagers was starring up at the object as well. I asked her immediately “Do you see that?” she replied “yes I do, What is that!” I then turned and ran towards the object. It was moving very slow and in a straight direction while rotating counter clock wise.

I at first thought that it was a garbage bag or helium balloon just sailing across the sky at about 20-30 feet up in the air. I could see this object perfectly and began to realize it was neither a balloon or bag and their was no wind present at the time to push it, maybe at 100 feet or higher but not 20 or 30 feet. It seemed to be solid but with a natural type of texture to it(hard to explain its features exactly) and a appendage on each end and a antenna or rod of some kind in its center but at the same time it seemed like it was light as a feather by the way it was moving through the air with no shaking or wobbling of any kind and it gave off no sound what so ever. I have to admit my son saw it much better then I, After this incident occurred I began to forget the objects exact features, but my son remembered it clearly and drew his own picture of the object and we compared. I have never been so freaked out in my life.

The object was about 4 feet long by 2 ½ to 3 feet wide and I Remember it was between 20-30 feet up in the air at first. If it was a remote controlled device it would have gave off a sound of some kind, being maybe fans or a motor but there was NOTHING! not even a hum. Also it had no light reflection at all and the sun was pointing directly at the side of this object. The sun was not blaring and there was some clouds but it was definitely a clear enough day for the sun to shed its rays and the sun was visible. You would think that a bag or helium balloon would at least give off a reflection of some sort. I had a hard time making out some of the exact details on the object, their was no perfectly smooth surfaces.

I then began to try to use my camera on my phone but I could not get to the video fast enough, by the time I unlocked the phone and searched the menu for the camera and started to film, the object raised itself higher and through the opening in the trees and just kept moving higher and higher in a angle but staying on the same straight course as it was originally till it was out of sight. I did not know how to use all the features on my phone so I could not even figure out the right button for the zoom.

I just want to add that the object was always moving in one straight path and the park is completely surrounded by closely tight trees at least 100 feet tall and this object found the one and only opening between the trees about 60 feet up and went through it with ease and all while staying on a straight path. (almost like its path was planned) By the time I started filming, the object was just a black spec on a bad phone camera video with lots of pixelation. (I do still have the video but it does not show much due to bad pixelation, Go figure). I rushed from the excitement and just didn’t play my actions correctly, I would have ran after it to try and film it better but I would have been stranding my 7 year old son alone at a playground with strangers and I had to let it go. It’s not everyday you see something like this and from now on I’m going to keep a GOOD camera by my side.

I have added a illustration of the park and the object, I also placed a picture of a person (which is myself) so that you would know the scale of this object and the height it was at from the ground up. I wasn’t actually holding my camera up until the object began to exit through the tree opening. The funniest thing is that after all was said and done (which was about 3 minutes or so) everyone at the park no longer said a word about it and acted as if nothing had just happened (including myself). But as the evening had went on that day it began to bug me and my memories the more I thought about it the more I lost visual on it but thanks to my son that just wouldn't let me forget about it I held on to the event. I think my brain was trying to play it off like it was a dream. I'm not sure who else saw it but the young girl I spoke to definitely did and I will be asking the others if I see them. It boggles me that I didn't ask anyone else anything right after the incident.

I have seen one other incident years prior but I just decided to pawn it off as a satellite due to it being so far away but now I'm reconsidering that decision. I'm done Rationalizing everything, I have always been a religious person at heart and this incident has really freaked me out(although it did not scare me when I witnessed it, I was more in disbelief and excitement then anything), but my son was not freaked nor was he scared at the least then or now, I told him it was just a balloon so that he wouldn’t worry and even at the age of 7 he knows better, he just told me “Daddy I have seen balloons and I have never seen one like that,it had a antenna!.”

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