Friday, October 21, 2011

Transparent V-shaped Objects Over Plano, Texas


Plano witness observes two boomerang shaped objects.

MUFON Case # 32763
Date:    2011-10-20
Time:    23:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Plano
State:    Texas
Shape:    Boomerang
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:    Gliding V shaped objects, no lights, no sounds, mist around them

I was exiting my car last night, Oct 20th, at approx. 11 pm when something caught the corner of my eye up in the sky. I looked up to see a V-shaped object that was silently gliding fairly slowly across the sky. It went out of my view so I changed locations only to see it make a large circle and then head back north. It was in sight for approximately 30 seconds then moved out of view completely and about that time a smaller object of the same shape and opacity shot from the south heading north behind it.

At first I thought it looked like a flock of birds then realized that it was too perfect and when it circled around I got a better view. There were no lights and no sound. The objects were almost transparent, foggy kind of like a cloud but in a V shape and glided very eloquently and smoothly.

I have never seen anything other than normal meteorites in the night sky. I was very excited yet perplexed. I do feel validated though when I read on the Examiner that there was another sighting extremely similar just a few miles away from me and only 30 minutes prior to my sighting last night.



  1. I am in Carrollton (the next town over from Plano and an avid skywatcher. I've never seen anything that makes me a believer in UFO's but I constantly look and hope to catch something some day. I would have LOVED to have seen this event and I am happy to know a sighting has occurred nearby. Thanks for posting.

  2. On Friday, October 21st, 2011, I saw something similar to what you saw. I live just Northeast of downtown Dallas.

    It was ~8:50 PM CDT when I took my dog to go out to go to the bathroom. I was looking at the stars out towards south-southwest while waiting for my eyes to adjust so I could see the fainter stars and figure which star was which and the constellations for Pisces and Aquarius....I thought I'd attempt, although possibly futile due to location, to take a picture of Uranus.

    My eyes finally start to adjust, then to my disappointment, some club turned on a spot-light! I looked in the direction of the beam of light pollution, and when it lit up the sky in my vicinity, I noticed a very slight refraction of the light; there was a diffuse low layer of cloud-cover or some fog trying to form. I could still see bright stars through the layer, but something as faint as Uranus would be impossible!

    Being really upset that light pollution and transient moisture would ruin any pictures of anything in the night sky, I looked towards the West to see how extensive the fog/cloud was, and in my peripheral vision, I see something around helicopter altitude that is light in color. I immediately turn my focus to it, and it had a crescent/boomerang shape to it, no lights or sound, and was slow-moving. I blinked my eyes several times thinking that there was debris in my eye or something, looked back where I last spotted it, and it had drifted a little more towards the northeast...

    My mind is going through every last possibility of what it could be: a HUGE bird, but with no body?; a drone plane, but why in the HELL would there be one flying around downtown?; toilet paper...that fell out of a plane and caught some thermal?!?!

    As I watched it drift northeasterly, the boomerang was dynamic in shape; the best comparison I have is that it reacted similar to water hitting the hull of a moving boat.

    So, I'm standing there with my eyes WIDE open and slack-jawed, and it seemed to stop moving in the original direction, and appeared as though it was gonna head in MY direction (southeast)...that triggered a "fight or flight" response like no other!! BUT, it went in a northwesterly direction and went out of sight....I said, "M'kay....I'll be going in now....." in a calm yet freaked out, nervous manner.

    I realized I left my dog outside later that night LOL!! She's fine by the way.

  3. We saw the same object on the 20 April 2010 and again 28 March 2012. We live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  4. I live in East Dallas & on Saturday, Oct.20, 2012
    Myself,My SON & My friend saw the exact same thing moving thru the sky... My friend actually thought it was birds at first as well, but we were quickly realizing what we were seeing wasnt from this world...l

  5. seen same object. vancouver b.c. langley

  6. i saw the same object in July 2009 in Mazatlan Mexico, cant remember the exact date but it was July. My city is very hot in summer, that day, around 2 am we lost electricity for some period of time, so i went to my backyard, because we cant stay in the room without A/C and when i sat and turned my head to the sky i saw something moving, but hard to see, so just like "Rubycat" i blinked my eyes several times tryin to adjust my vision, but the V object in fact was there flying in southeast direction, but slow like an airplane when is landing, with no sound, really HUGE, and the weirdest thing is that i can say it was transparent or made it with some transparent material like glass or plastic because i was able to see the stars behind the V object but with some kind of distort... i think this object must be human but not showed in public yet... btw, nice to find people who saw the same, so i was not imaging things after all.. haha

  7. El Paso, Texas 04/01/2013 around 4:50-5:00am just an or two away from white sands missile range, new Mexico. It was the size of a soccer field and a half if not bigger...flying as low as the street lights on the freeway here...could've chucked a rock at it and hit it if I had a pitcher's arm n good aim...was practically coasting through the sky.. looked like a sting ray just gliding through water except without the fluttery movements...if I wasn't freaked out n frozen still where I stand I could've followed it by speed walking. Speed walking!!! Thats how slow it was going...I don't know what I saw but what I do know is exactly what it looked like and everything that it wasn't.

  8. If possible, could you email me with a few more details? Thanks!

  9. I saw the same thing in the sky last night around midnight oct 4th 2013 at a friends house in St. Petersburg Florida. I was looking up at orions belt when I saw the v shaped object heading South. It appeared to be cloud like in color. Not a sound nor lights. I called to my friend to look up and he just caught a glimpse at the last moment.

  10. I saw the same Craft on 10/10/13 at 2:33 am. It was clearly defined in shape , but wit a semi transparant look. It was apx 2000 ft and moving toward the south very fast . No sound or lights.

  11. I saw the same craft last night at bout 3 am. (May 4, 2014) just looked up randomly and kinda tripped me out, it looked like a bird but as it headed north it came clearer that it was no bird. Never seen anything like it. (Carson, CA)

  12. I saw this with my friend in hungary SZEGED city, outside.. it was heading east, and it faded away.. (same thing.. did the google search.. thats how I got here..)

  13. This is exactly what i saw. Im visiting corpus christi, tx and tonight at around 9:00 - 9:10 i was awe struck as i saw an object just as you described slowly gliding over my aunts house. There were no lights on it, and there wasnt a single sound coming from it. I only saw the object because it would block out the stars as it moved along the sky. At first i thought, "well maybe it's a glider, or a parachute" but that is very unlikely because it is night time.

  14. Thank you all for the comments and your own experiences. It seems these sightings are becoming more frequent.
    Remember, if you see anything, please report it. We might soon all have our answers!

  15. My wife and I saw something very similar to this in the Florida Keys on 10/16/15 at approx. 2AM. We have a rooftop deck on a home in Marathon, Florida, and as we went up my wife said to me, 'what in the h*** is that?" I looked up to see a V shaped translucent object moving across the sky at what appeared to me to be a very high rate of speed, much greater than any aircraft. I also noticed 5 very faint blue or purple lights within the V shape. My wife's account is very much like mine, although she didn't see the lights. When she described the translucency of the object as similar to the movie "Predator", I laughed because I had the exact same thought. We're both still a little freaked out, we can't seem to get our heads around what we saw. I'm not A UFO believer, or a paranormal guy, don't believe in ghosts, etc, but I'm very perplexed by that night's event.

  16. 11/5/2015 Iowa, 8:45pm. Seen exact same thing! Still shocked it's unlike anything I've ever seen...

  17. I saw the same thing last night about 10 pm. Out with the dogs and I'm always looking at the stars. It floated from south to north and there was no sound. I live about 50 miles north of Chicago. Cloudless sky so I could see stars through the body of the craft. Glad to know I'm not alone!

  18. Me and my wife saw this just now. Pretoria south africa. 28 april 2016. No lights no sound. Some kind of patern all over the shape.

  19. Thank you for your confirmation, that these objects are seen all over the world.

  20. Hi Sunny. My name is Illana Hanekom. I am the wife of Ben Hanekom who posted on April 28 2016. I have been looking at a lot of footage on the web to try and find the exact flying object that we saw. I found it on YouTube under the following: Name of video: Stunning OFF-WORLD Alien Ship Captured By Father & Son! Here is the link: . The patterns at the bottom looked exactly the close-up on this video. The front end of the craft was also more curved like in this video, but the rear end looks just like a boomerang. It was completely dark when we saw it though - I guess that's why a lot of people describes it as kind of transparent. I think it was designed to look "transparent"? Let me tell you one thing, we were the LAST people to believe in any of this UFO and alien sightings, BUT NOW I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES AND MY HUSBAND SAW IT TOO!!! Boy, that kinda changes a person's perspective on these things!!! I will NEVER doubt any person about seeing weird things again!

  21. Thank you for the confirmation on your husband's sighting and the link to the video.


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