Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Video Analysis - Light Over Hendersonville, North Carolina

Image capture.

Image capture- enlarged, enhanced.

Image capture- enlarged more, more enhancement (levels).

Three witnesses observed and recorded an object (light), as it traveled across the sky over Hendersonville, North Carolina, Oct. 17, 2011.

Analysis of image in video is located below this report.

Here is that slightly edited report.  To see original report, click on the case number.


MUFON Case # 32678
Date:    2011-10-17
Time:    19:10
Status:    Assigned
City:    Hendersonville
State:    North Carolina
Shape:    Star-like
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    Bright light, aspirin size, 10 minutes from horizon to horizon, 7:10 pm

Silent, bright white light traveling all the way from the SSW (saw it at around 30 degrees above the horizon) to the EEN direction (disappeared around 15 degrees above the horizon behind the mountain/tree line).

Straight line trajectory. About the size of an aspirin held at arms length. Witnessed by myself, youngest son (20 - Chemist major) and daughter (17 - senior in high school and college student).

Tried to video tape it with my Kodak EasyShare C433 camera in video mode, but the quality is VERY BAD. This was NOT a sun reflection off of an airplane as there were several flying in the air as well from a ENE to a WSW direction along the normal flight path and all you see from them were there normal lights flashing. Their sounds could be heard as well.

Sighting last approx. 10 minutes from start to finish. Did not notice that the other aircraft acknowledge this light as none of them altered their courses.

I'm ex-USAF (341st Wing Headquarters, Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, Mt), educated (B.Sc.) and have been in R & D for over 20 years - I'm used to looking up at the sky.

PS: keep in mind that the video quality is VERY BAD due to the type of camera used. The lights at the bottom left (2 - 3 of them at times) are NOT the object. I tried to keep in somewhere near the center of the video. You'll see it near the middle the first minute or two in the center. This was shot after the UFO had attained a 90 degree view from me, so already partially into the sighting. You will hear myself and children talking near the end as well.

Click here for video.


[Editor's note:  I captured a still at the beginning of the video.  As you can see in the cropped images, there are what appear to be additional lights on the object. 

With the aid of 'levels' in Photoshop, I was able to determine that this object has a decidedly rectangular shape, with a single large light in the center, surrounded by smaller, dimmer lights.  There also appears that there could be something akin to "exhaust", around and to the right of the object. - SW


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  1. While I was making a short video analysis of a UFO sighting in Denmark August 7, 2011, I made a rutine search after new UFO sightings and found this sighting from Hendersonville, North Carolina. I believe this UFO is the same UFO seen and filmed in Denmark...

    Amazing UFO sighting in Denmark (video analysis): http://ufopicturesphotos.blogspot.com/2011/11/amazing-ufo-sighting-denmark-video.html


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