Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Witness sees lights and object over train tracks in Rome, Georgia

MUFON Case #   22567
Date/Time:    03/29/2010 20:40
Location:    Rome, Georgia
Shape:    Blimp,Circle,Oval
Duration:    00:05:00
Distance:    100 feet or less
Area:        Town
Terrain:    Hills
Visibility:    Partly Cloudy
Summary:    sighted a bright glow which turned to one red one green light 30-40foot above road

I was driving. Turned off of Hwy 101 south onto Alabama Hwy heading into Rome.

I saw what I thought was a bright star and as I got closer it got brighter. I then realized that it was cloudy and that there were no other stars around.

I focused on the light that was stationary and it brightened then turned off... immediately I saw a red light on the left side and a green light on the right side. I knew that there was a RR crossing up ahead and assumed it was a train, however when i arrived at the RR crossing the was no train but instead an almost spherical object floating about 3 yards past the crossing and about 30foot in the sky.

I immediately called my husband in tears because I knew that what I was seeing wasn't "right". I was crying in fear when I told him what I was looking at. I passed directly under the object and could see there circular shaped on the bottom.
I pulled over into the old Coosa Middle School parking lot in an effort to take a pic/video with my camera phone.

There were no lights on the back side and by time I could get my window down it shot off toward the mountains were it turned around again to where the red and green light were showing then with a flash it was gone.

I am still creeped out and afraid to drive home from work tonight!

Note: Report contains spelling corrections.  To see original report, click on case #.

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