Friday, March 19, 2010

Couple Observe Cigar-shaped Object- Holland, NY

Depiction by SW
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MUFON Case # 22364
Event Date:    2010-03-17 16:45 GMT
City:        Holland
Region:        New York
Country:    US
Longitude:    -78.5496
Latitude:    42.6404
Shape:        Cigar
Duration:    00:01:00
Distance:    One mile or less
Location:    Farmland
Terrain:    Hills
Visibility:    Clear
Weather:    Windy,Medium
Summary:    motionless airborne cigar shaped object above hilltop.
Wife and I observed object above wooded hilltop on east side of NY Rt16 while driving south on NY Rt 16. Object was silver/white in color with slightly darker horzontal line running entire length. Ends of object were rounded.

Object appeared totally motionless perhaps 200-300 ft above hilltop. Distance between our vehicle (road) and hilltop is about 3000 linear ft. I would guess that the object's dimensions were perhaps 15-20 feet in height and 100 feet in length.

There were no clouds in the sky, and the object appeared to be solid and constant against blue sky.
At first I thought it was perhaps some type of balloon, but it was totally motionless on breezy day.
We drove on, I was driving but my wife kept constant visual on object until we passed a grove of trees near road which obscured her vision for 10 seconds. After we cleared tree obstruction, object was gone.

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Note:  Report contains minimal spelling corrections.  To see original report, click on case number.


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