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Bright Orbs-Lights Seen Over Nevada & California

Bright orbs and lights witnessed near Rachel, Nevada by a couple on March 15, 2010, then two nights later multiple witnesses claim to possibly have seen the same objects.

Note: These reports have not been altered, no corrections.

MUFON Case # 22361
Event Date:    03/15/201000:00
Location:    Rachel, Nevada
Longitude:    0.0
Latitude:    0.0
Shape:    Fireball,Star-like,Other
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    Balls of light, Fire or amber colored, disappeared and reappeared getting closer to us

On March 15, my wife and I had just visited the Little A Le Inn on Highway 375 in Rachel Nevada. We left and drove back down 375 and pulled off the road just about a mile past Mailbox Rd. I believe the time may have been approximately 9:00-10:00 p.m. (PST). In one of the videos my wife mentions 12:00 Central time; this was the end of the sighting. I parked the vehicle at more or less a forty-five degree angle to the road with the headlights pointed towards the glow of Las Vegas in the sky. This glow also illuminated the mountains and landscape (silhouette etc.).
We had pulled off the road to see the stars in the remote sky; we were not there to catch a sighting (13 years married with no break from the kids-type trip). We were in a hurry to get back to Vegas but decided to stop along 375. We initially left the car running and lights on with my wife sitting in the passenger seat. I left the car and came around to her side and proceeded to watch the horizon. Once we both saw how many stars there was I told her to turn off the car and step out with me. We had both been standing there for just a few minutes trying to get both the digital cameras and the video camera to pick up what we saw. Just then I noticed a bright object (not a shooting star) high up in the sky headed towards Vegas.

This object was very small or very high but did not exhibit normal characteristics of a plane. There were no flashing strobes or sound from engines etc. This object being small, and disappearing quickly, did not really grab my attention. However, moments later from the same direction the object disappeared from came two lights flashing. They seemed motionless and as if they were affixed to each other. In other words it seemed that they were attached by a bar or direct line etc. They flashed for a while before I even considered pointing the camera at them. There are many cattle crossing lights of similar color along 375. It finally dawned on me that those lights had to be miles away and could not possibly be the same type of lights; these lights were much brighter and intense.

I pointed the video camera at the objects and could not pick them up until I turned on night shot. The two larger lights were very visible; in addition to this were two other smaller lights that could not be seen with the naked eye. We watched these objects move from left to right going in the direction of Rachel. As the two primary objects (PO) moved in this direction you could see other smaller lights moving around them. They would zip from one point to another. As they shot away their illumination would dim. In all probability, there were probably more objects out there than we captured or even saw. I based this on the fact that after watching the video, you can see objects you could not see with the naked eye.

The PO traveled from the direction of Vegas until they were almost perpendicular with 375 before we lost sight of them. We waited for a few more minutes and then decided to leave. We had only gone about a mile or two when my wife screamed “there they are again”. This time the PO were only a few miles from us (I am guessing about this, their contrast in the night sky made this hard to tell but they were definitely very close to us). In the video I try to use the ground as both a reference and to help make the camera focus as it should. As you will see in the video, based on the ground etc. it seems that they were right on top of us but I could not figure out why we were not being dowsed by the light. Also, I did not see any report of this light on the ground. It was as if the light did not travel or radiate like normal lights. This was very strange for something so bright and intense.

The PO made very slow movements. The additional smaller objects seemed to jet around the larger ones and were more agile. In one of the videos I think I see something like electricity or sparks coming from the PO. Now the strangest thing was that the PO seemed to merge with each other right before they “blinked” off or out. Also, strange is that I heard my wife say they are gone but she says this at least a second or two before they “blink” out again on the camera (not sure why there was a delay between her eyes and the camera). In the stills there seems to be a structure present.
As far as feelings went, I think we were just in amazement of the objects. When they reappeared closer to us the second time I think we were both a little frightened. It seemed to be checking us out. We got a little more worried about the remote location and the fact that there were other objects moving around the PO. I do believe that if we stayed there, the objects would have come closer. I had no feeling whatsoever that the event was over with when we left. These objects were clearly doing something related to that general locale. We decided to leave based on the fact that each time the lights went off, they came back on closer.

I am not sure how to answer the radio button at the bottom of this screen. What third parties are you referring to? All I am really seeking is if someone knows what these images are and just how close they were to us. I will submit the videos after speaking to someone in person via phone.

Original Photos:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

And then this report later:

MUFON Case # 22369
Event Date:    03/17/2010 19:30
Location:    Leggett, California
Longitude:    -123.697
Latitude:    39.8526
Shape:    Triangle,Other
Distance:    One mile or less
Terrain:    Mountains
Summary:    seven UFO'S,three witnesses,four hours

On the night of March 17th at 7:30 myself and two others were out looking at the sky when we noticed a bright orb peek up over the horizon directly in front of us it was bright white and at arms length it was the size of a pea. I got out my night vision goggles and looked through them. Off to the right of it there was another orb that hung in the air and swayed back and forth in a swooping motion about a half inch on each side from the point where it was stationary. As it was doing that another orb came from above it and moved into position above the first orb and right next to a dimmer one over the horizon. They made a triangle. As we watched them they all twinkled at different times. It looked to me like they were communicating with one another.

At 8:50 Paula pointed out two orbs to our imiediate right. One was amber and the other red. The amber orb was in front of the red orb and they were hovering in the same spot.As I positioned myself for a better look they started moving in a straight line accross the sky, as they moved they got closer together. They made a right hand swooping turn and became one amber colored orb. We watched them until they dissapeared in the direction of the ocean.

We turned our attention back to the triangle formation and noticed that the orb that moved into position to make the triangle was moving up higher in the sky. This made the triangle look bigger. We also noticed that the orb right next to it followed it. We watched it for awhile longer and decided to go home for a bathroom break and to get something to drink.

At 10:00 we went back out to the place where we had seen the orbs and the triangle was still there. We noticed that it moved again. The top orb moved down and made the triangle look small. The orb that was dimmer was still right along side of it, they were still twinkling as if communicating. At this point I looked through the night vision goggles again and after a minute or two I noticed the same amber orb moving back into view from the direction we last saw it,(comming from the direction of the ocean). It was moving in a straight line to the immiediate right of where we were. I followed it and saw it drop a red orb out from underneath it. As they moved across the sky the amber orb slowly pulled away from the red orb, they were moving away from us. We told paula to flash her headlights at it to see if we would get a response. When she did the red orb stopped in its tracks and started going back in the same direction it had come in a seconds time. The amber orb stopped ond hovered until Paula beamed her high powered laser light up into the sky next to it. When she did it came straight towards us and flew right over us. It looked like a cluster of twinkling amber lights, then when it passed us it looked like a triangle craft. It had four amber lights in a row across the back and norrowed to one red light in the front. We stood where we were for about 45 seconds then decided to move back down the road.

When we stopped we looked at the triangle formation and saw that all four of the orbs were moving in and out. The formation was getting smaller than bigger, still with the dimmer orb next to the highest one. I decided to look through the night vision goggles again and when I did I saw an orb to the left of the triangle which was the same direction the amber and red orb went. It was flashing, all of a sudden it flashed very bright,so bright that lit up the sky around it and the night vision goggles.

The very next morning we noticed that there was a report of the same thing flying over Nevada. The pictures that were taken over Nevada were the same things we had seen in California.



  1. I saw something similar to that. A red orb was in the sky hovering right above a cellphone tower. It released a teardrop looking object then it flickered away going east. Shortly after that two f-16's flew by following it.

  2. This happened in south Louisiana on Feb. 26th 2011 around 10:00pm


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